After watching last night episode of The Walking Dead, “Thank You”, we were left with a bitter taste before going to sleep. Even today, I can’t believe what happen. Really?

If you didn’t see last night episode, please go away. Big spoilers here. I’ll let you one minute to really think about it.

For the rest who saw the episode, here’s our current mood.

Some are in denial. Was it a dream ?

Some are angry. We should make a voodoo doll out of Nicholas. Can you believe that we can hate someone more than the Governor?

Now we have to wait a whole week to see if Glenn made it. It’s kind of impossible, you think ? I think it is possible, Glenn is strong. He can figure out something. He survives so many things since the beginning. A few hundreds zombies can’t be that difficult. I think he could crawl out there with Nicholas blood all over him with no problem – said the girl too enthousiast and optimistic about this situation.

See what’s the fans are saying about it below :

1. Relieving the moment over an over again

2. Inappropriate fingers

3. The moment we saw Glenn face

4. Tough morning

5. State of denial

6. Even Beth doesn’t approuve

7. Can’t watch anymore of this

8. Seeking revenge

9. This is emotional

10. Too emotional

11. Need a drink to forget this

12. We got’cha

13. Lost a member of our family

14. Nothing really happened right?

15. You can scream, it can feel a little better

16. Breathe in, breathe out

17. Finally, we’re not really OK

18. Can we cry together?

19. Let it all out

20. Can we switch for Gabriel instead?

Can we grieve together? How are YOU feeling? Tell us in the comments below!

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