5 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2014

Hello guys! It’s my turn to do my list for 2014! 2013 was epic, but this year looks even more amazing! Let’s take a look in what I’m looking forward this year!

Once Upon a Time Season 3


The mid-season finale was so INTENSE and so EPIC that I CAN’T WAIT for the rest to start….but it’s on F***IN’ MARCH! Emma and Henry are in Boston having a normal life and having no memories of the past few years. Snow, Charming, Bae, Belle, Hook, Regina and the rest of Storybrook are back in the enchanted forest and Rumple’s dead. WHAT A FINALE! I almost cried…(I didn’t! I SWEAR!! Well…) Hook was back in town and kisses…well try to kiss Emma and sadly it didn’t work. Which woman would accept to kiss a total stranger? If it’s Hook…ME, DUH! If Hook didn’t give Emma a true love kiss…maybe Bae will? Anyway, I just can’t wait to see what is going to happen!

Here’s the link to the trailer:

Orange is the New Black Season 2


This was (with Orphan Black) THE 2013 TV show for me! OMG! It’s so hilarious. The characters are really awesome and the quotes even better! I want more Crazy Eyes crazinest, more awkward situation, more Tastee dances and more Piper and Alex scenes – if Laura Prepon comes back – (Praying that she is!) ‘’Lesbian request denied’’ she probably thinks! Well…the season finale was intense with the fight between Piper and Pennsatucky…again can’t wait for season 2!

Watch this awesome montage of season 1:

Frozen on DVD/Blu-ray


Hum…what? You haven’t seen this movie yet? Pfff! SHAME ON YOU! Like right now, stop what you’re doing (ok read this article ‘till the end) but after you go in your car and drive into the first movie theater that you see, you buy a ticket for Frozen and you watch it…you know why? BECAUSE IT’S MEGAFOXYAMAZING! I hear you saying’’ but I’m not a kid anymore’’… Dude, no age for this movie! Listen to me: It’s really well done, the songs are awesome, the story is original and the characters are funny! What do you what more? I have one thing more for you my friend: A snowman…WHO CAN TALK and who loves summer! Awesome right? And yes, for 2014, I just can’t wait to see that movie again on DVD!

Here’s the link for my favorite song Let it Go performed by Idina Menzel:

Game of Thrones Season 4


Yes…yes people…I am like you. I’M  CRAZY! We’re ALL crazy seriously. We want more of this show even if they killed everybody! Why? I don’t know? We were all like: ‘’Pfff they killed the main character in season 1 finale, nothing bad’s gonna happen now’’. But now I just have to say those two words: RED WEDDING. That’s it! Just by saying it I’m in depression AGAIN for a year. So who knows what they can do now to us! Who is going to die? Daenery? Arya? John Snow? I didn’t read the books, so, I’ll be surprise and probably shocked. Don’t miss it on April 6!

Here’s the link for the trailer:

Comic Con/Fan Expo


Last year with some of the members of A and other friends, we all went to the Fan Expo in Toronto. It was…INCREDIBLE! It was our first time at this event and probably not the last one. We meet Stephen Amell, the cast of Lost Girl, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead and so much more! We talked, took pictures and laughed with them! I even almost touched Kris Holden’s abs (Dyson from Lost Girl). Can’t wait to see where 2014 is going to bring us, but I know that it is going to be freaking awesome with a lot of epicness! Get ready Comic-Con/Fan Expo….here we are!

So yeah! It was my top 5! There’s SO much more but we already said many on our other article.

PS: Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in 2014 after THE kiss between Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project! <3 <3 <3

See ya!

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