A Beetlejuice Sequel

It’s been a couple years that we hear about this… Will there be a second Beetlejuice?!

Michael Keaton, the original Beetlejuice, told MTV that the sequel might actually happen! Keaton stated that Tim Burton has to be in some way involved in the project, and he seems finally involved and interested! So a Beetlejuice 2 might happen in a couple years you guys!! For more details, click here!

As you guys might know, I adore this movie! This is the proof! I literally know Beetlejuice by heart, it is the best movie you can watch on Halloween. It is also my favorite Tim Burton’s movie ever. So I am pretty excited to know that they’ll probably do a sequel! Sure, I’m a bit scare about what it will look like and what the story might be… Will all the original actors be there (except of course the ones that passed away)? Will it still be around the ghost couple and Lydia? Or more about maybe Lydia’s kid? We don’t have all the information now, but I hope Burton will work on this project!

Are YOU a fan of Beetlejuice? Do you want them to make a sequel? Let me know in the comments below!

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