Sea Tunt: Part 1 – April 4, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

Introducing Cheryl’s brother, Cecil Tunt.archer_s04e12-02_Cecil

And here’s his girlfriend Tiffy, pilot of the deluxe helicopter.archer_s04e12-03_tiffy

Cecil told Malory how crazy Cheryl really is. Look how creepy she is in that picture XDarcher_s04e12-04_ygcheryl

Pam’s always eating everything and anything. I think she doesn’t know that she was allergic to seafood lolarcher_s04e12-05_pam

Cheryl told us that his brother just want to prove to the world that her sister was crazy by installing camera everywhere. Say helloooo!archer_s04e12-06

Aaaand she’s taking it off on Tiffy by beating her up lol. What a crazy girl.archer_s04e12-07

Pam’s finally realizing that shrimp wasn’t for her. Lol she’s so clueless…archer_s04e12-08

Archer is being stupid as always. Shooting a bulletproof door, what a good idea! So the bullet just bounce off the door on Cecil’s Knee lol.archer_s04e12-09

Pam’s getting angry over Archer stupidity. But at least, she got her shot and feeling better :)archer_s04e12-10

Now we saw that Cecil was lying to everybody. He was just there to prove that her sister was crazy to take her heritage.archer_s04e12-11

And we found out that he worked with Captain Murphy. He wants Cecil to bring media to him (he lives down the water for 2 years now), to tell the world that his evil plan.archer_s04e12-12

Find out what happened in the next episode! The Finale! What will happened to them? Will Murphy discover that the media that Cecil will send him is fake?

Stay tuned!

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