Sea Tunt: Part 2 – April 11, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

Archer always came up with the “best” idea ever. Disguise with only a stache hahaha! Considering that Murphy never saw them before lolarcher_s04e13-01

Archer telling Lana to take a tampons to cover Ray’s nose. But she doesn’t have any. And Archer saying that he thinks that she was on her period because her boobs was bigger lolll And also she has mood swings.archer_s04e13-02

And she looks sick… Uh ho :O We see that coming :O !archer_s04e13-03

Arrived at Murphy’s base, he takes Lana as hostage. But bright Archer take out his gun…. underwater… Because of the pressure, it will destroy the base and drown everybody.archer_s04e13-04

Archer trying to put the safety to his gun but failed and shoot in the glass. Con-grats dude! -.-“archer_s04e13-05

Everybody tried to escape but unfortunately Murphy got caught hard by a machine. :(archer_s04e13-06

To escape this place, there were only oxygen masks for the 4 of them. archer_s04e13-07

The boys was all egoist and don’t want Lana to have the oxygen suit because she was a woman. AND SURPRISE, she announced that she was pregnant. Lol, expected 😛

So yeah finally, it’s archer that has to led his place to Lana.archer_s04e13-08

When they finally came out to the boat, Archer needed to be boost.archer_s04e13-09

Archer wanted to fool around with Ray saying that he tried to give him a mouth-to-mouth. But by pushing Ray down, they got caught in the booster machine lol.archer_s04e13-10

So it disabled Ray cyborg’s leg HAHAHA!archer_s04e13-11

A good way to finish the season haha.

And we want to know, WHO is the father ?!? I think, it can be Archer… Duh!

Overall it was a good :)

See you next season !

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