Arrow Season 2 Episode 1

City of Heroes – October 9th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

“Oliver Queen! You have failed this city!!”

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!!! Man, does it feel good to watch Arrow again. As season 2 kicks off, we already have many questions and soooooo little answers. arrow-s02e01_24

Now, with that said, let’s dive into Arrow season 2!

What a way to start off a season! So many questions, so little answers! The Arrow gang is back! Oliver puts on the hood again! Diggle and Felicity are at his side being awesome and we even get to see new faces! Despite seeing most of season 1’s characters, we do see Tommy, but sadly not as we all hoped for. You will be missed :(


However, like I said, we do get to see new faces, one of which is Isabel Rochev (portrayed by Summer Glau)Isabel Rochev is the Vice President of acquisitions at Stellmoor International, with the goal of acquiring Queen Consolidated. She battles it out with Oliver as they both try to buy the remaining percentage of the company. Not much to say about her. I guess we are going to have to wait and see what season 2 has in store for her! And just like Felicity said “She looks angry in all of her pictures…”


As the episode continues, we see a bunch of copycat hooded vigilantes! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE HOODED VIGILANTE!



“Oliver: wat da hellllllll……


Meanwhile, Thea has become the new owner of Verdant (yeah an 18 year old runs a club…..yeah, well, whatever). So Thea doesn’t want to go see her mom in prison, because she can’t forgive that Moira indirectly killed hundreds of people. Who can blame her, right? Well, Roy thinks she should go see her, but Thea only agrees to go see her if he stops pretending to be some sort of hero. But us comic fans know exactly that Roy can’t do that.

“Thea: You no hero, Roy!




The copycats feel the need to take out Oliver after the incident at Queen Consolidated. So they bust into Verdant and take Thea as a hostage. When Oliver hears that his sister has been taken by the fakers, he finally puts on the suit and guess what? He has a new bow! AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAH!


“Oliver:  It’s perfect…


Locating Thea was a breeze, so Oliver heads out and of course saves his sister. As he faces the copycats, he has to decide to either kill them or let them go. Of course he couldn’t let them go, but he was also tired of killing. In the end, we finally get a glimpse of the hero Oliver is meant to be. He hands them over to the police, more specifically Detective, well now, Officer Lance.

arrow-s02e01_04 arrow-s02e01_03 “The hood: I’m trying another way….


*Hood out bitches* 


It took a life threatening situation for Thea to realized that she cannot stay angry at her mother. She finally decides to go see her and hug it out.

Meanwhile, Oliver with the help of his former step-father, Walter, manages to acquire the remaining percentage of Queen Consolidated and is now 50% owner of the company. The remaining belongs to Isabel, which makes her and Oliver partners now.

“Thea: I love you mommy.

“Moira: Why are you so tall all of the sudden….

arrow-s02e01_19 arrow-s02e01_18

“Isabel: See you when step-daddy isn’t around….partner


As for the island story, not much happened. Well, it’s 5 months after killing off Edward Fyers. Team Island keeps training and keeps trying to find a way off the island. One day, they hear noises and find out they are not alone anymore.


Later that night, after seeing her mom, Thea called Roy telling him the news about her visiting her mom and that he should hold his end of the bargain. Roy was happy and couldn’t agree more, but as he was talking to Thea on the phone, he saw a girl being harassed by 3 thugs in an alley. Roy rushed over to help and began to fight them off, but when one of them pulled a knife on him, a mysterious woman showed up and beat off the thugs. OMG IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS?!?! BLACK CA…….

“Thea: wanna have se*y time when you come over?


“Roy: Hell yes! Oh wait damsel in distress gotta go!


“Roy: Where the hell did you come from?!

“???: Tweet tweet *runs off*


Right before the episode ends, Team Arrow agrees to continue helping the city. But Oliver is tired of being called the Vigilante, so Diggle asks him what he wants to be called…..BAM! Episode ends. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

“Oliver: If we’re going to do, whatever this is. It’s going to be to honor Tommy.

arrow-s02e01_12 arrow-s02e01_11 arrow-s02e01_10

“Oliver: oooooooo pretty green arrow head…..wait i know how about Arrow head!

“Diggle and Felicity: ……….


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Till next time, this is Jessica signing off!

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