Arrow Season 2 Episode 7

State V. Queen – November 20th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Hello  A readers! Tonight was a major episode! Where to start, man oh man where to start.

Tonight’s episode started with a little flash back, 6 months ago to be exact. We see poor mama Queen talking to the press and warning them about the earthquake. Meanwhile, in Iron Heights prison, we see The count in his cell minding his own business when suddenly the earthquake finally hits. It damages his cell block which let’s him escape, as he leaves he notices a guard dead on the floor with keys. On his way out, he gives the key’s to the doll maker, the villain we see in 2×03 which we know now how he got out in the first place.

arrow_s02e07_01“The count: Man this is such a good book, would suck if a random earthquake would hit us and interrupt my reading time!”
arrow_s02e07_02“The count: I lied, IM FREEEEEEEEEE! THIS IS AWESOME! Time to be a drug lord again!”
arrow_s02e07_03“The count: Hey you, polly pocket maker. I really like your stuff, so imma bail you out!”


We then jump back to present day, where we see Oliver and Thea going into the courthouse to attend their mother’s trial.

arrow_s02e07_04“Reporter: Mr.Queen! Mr.Queen a few words!!”


Adam and Laurel watch from afar as the Queen kids get hassled by the media. Donner explains that it doesn’t what they do for he has a trump card that will send Moira to prison for life or worst the death penalty.

arrow_s02e07_05“Adam: you did something to your face didn’t you?”
arrow_s02e07_06“Laurel: What?! No! Of course not!!!”


So then we get a flash back and see whats going on the island! We see Oliver,Sara,The captain and Dr.Ivo going back to the plane to go kill Shado and Slade.

arrow_s02e07_07 arrow_s02e07_08

Back in the real world, The queen family get ready to go to the trial but Oliver notices that diggle doesn’t seem himself, so he advises him to go home and get some rest.

arrow_s02e07_09“Oliver: Diggle go home, you’re drunk i mean sick…””Diggle: shhhhhhhh black diver is ok! Ok actually i’m not….”
arrow_s02e07_10“Moira: Don’t worry kids, I’ll be okay…”
arrow_s02e07_11“Thea: I love you mommy!”


We then head over to Queen consolidated where Felicity sees Diggle and advises him to go home cause he looks sick. He objects until he finds a suitable replacement, but it was too late as Diggle collapses on the floor sweating and looking feverish.

arrow_s02e07_12 arrow_s02e07_13

We then see what the count is up to, seems he has teamed up with this unknown doctor who pretty much perfected his vertigo serum. The doctor tried to bribe him, but The count is no push over. He just chuckles and kills him right there and then.

arrow_s02e07_14“The count: Here you are my good man, 50 000$!””The doctor: Geez count, imma need another 50 000$, just so i wont open my mouth you know?”
arrow_s02e07_15“The count:Increase…..DENIED!”



Back at team Arrow’s lair, Felicity gets Diggles blood checked and we find out that he has vertigo in his system! Oliver gives Felicity a serum he came up to counter the effects of vertigo so she can use it on Diggle.

arrow_s02e07_16 arrow_s02e07_17

So as the trail goes on, Thea is called onto the witness stan and begins get questioned by Adam. Asking her how she found out about the plans her mother had in store and why it took her so long to visit her in prison. As Thea was about to answer the question, Adam starts to feel sick and falls to the floor.

arrow_s02e07_18“Adam: Why didn’t you go see your mom!””Thea:Dude chill! You look like crap!”
arrow_s02e07_19“Adam:Excuse me? I feel great I…..oh….wait….man down….MAN DOWN!”


Next we get another flash back to the island. We Oliver,Sara and Dr.Ivo heading to the cave where Oliver and the gang found a bunch of dead bodies in it. Dr.ivo begins to search for an arrowhead but clearly doesn’t find it. He harases Oliver to tell him where it is or where his friends are but he doesn’t say a world. Oliver gets tossed outside by the crew members but is saved right away by Shado and Slade

arrow_s02e07_20arrow_s02e07_21 arrow_s02e07_22

“Oliver: Dude half of your face is burnt! What are you two face now?!?”



Back to reality, Adam is to be taken to the hospital but we that The count is behind the wheel. Afterwards we see Moira with her lawyer talking about the trial,Her lawyer suggest she should testify after what had happen with Adam and Thea. Oliver joins them and ask a moment alone with his mother. He reminds his mother that secrets is what got her in this mess and she should be honest with him and everyone else.


Oliver heads back to the lair and notices that Diggle has gotten any better, they continue to discuss Diggle’s condition when suddenly The count in on tv. We find out that Adam never made it to the hospital and that he was taken by the Count. He tells everyone the only way for them to feel better is to consume vertigo. He films Adam as he asks for it and ends up giving it to him. Oliver tells Felicity she needs to track him, no matter what it takes!

arrow_s02e07_27 arrow_s02e07_28

Thea is back at her club wanting to be alone, Roy on the other hands feels the need to help her, so he straps a pair of boxing gloves on her and asks her to hit him. He told her that is would make her feel better and it did.Meanwhile we learn that Laurel will be taking over for Adam in the trial, she learn that what Adam’s trump card was and decides to go see Moira about it. Laurel tries to reason with her but Moira has made up her mind. Oliver on the other hand manages to find the count thanks to Felicity, he rushes over to save Adam.

arrow_s02e07_29arrow_s02e07_30 arrow_s02e07_31

We are yet again transported to the island and see that oliver had escaped along with his friends and Sara. This whole time they were looking for the arrowhead and Shado had it with her all along. Going back to the present, we learn that the vertigo was being given through vaccinations. There was trucks all over the city giving away what people thought were flu shots but were actually vertigo. Felicity volunteers to investigate since Diggle is too sick and Oliver needs to be with his mother and sister at the trial. As Felicity uncovers the vertigo, she gets caught by none other than the count.


As the trial is about to begin, Oliver gets a call thinking its Felicity but in reality its the count. He finds out that Felicity works for him and that he is the Arrow. He calls him out and Oliver doesn’t have a choice but to go after him. Thea gets upset but isn’t able to stop him. Oliver rushes over to queen consolidated in his suit and faces off with the count. After a tussle with him, Oliver had no choice but to kill him. Felicity is finally safe and Oliver rushes back to the court house.


Back in court we finally hear the verdict on Moira’s case. She was found none guilt. She rejoices with her kids as she is finally a free woman. Later that night we find out that the count had teamed up with brother blood. Angry that it only made the arrow kill again.We see then that this whole time he had been experimenting with people. He would inject them with something, causing their eyes to bleed out. Every single one of them has died, till now.


As the episode concludes, Oliver begins to feel bad about killing again but Felicity reminds him that he had no choice and that he save her life. Later on, Moira get in her car and asks her driver to take her home. She is confused when the driver tells her that he cannot take her home yet. They reach a dark and empty parking lot as they both step out. The diver then gets shot with an arrow. Moira is shocked as she turns to see who killed her driver, to her surprise it was none other than Malcolm Merlin himself. She is shocked as she asked him how he is still alive, but all he said was that death was an illusion in some parts of the world. He then adds that her verdict was his doing and that how happy was to learn that wait for it…….THEA WAS HIS DAUGHTER AHHHHHHHHH!!


Well guys that is my review! If you like or dislike what you saw please leave a comment below! Stay tune for the next review where we will finally get to see Barry Allen aka The flash! Here is a preview for the next episode! As always don’t forget to like,share,subscribe, all that jazz and show us some love!


Till next time, this is Jessica signing off!!





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