Arrow Season 2 Episode 8

The Scientist – December 4th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Hey all you A readers, so tonight was the mid-season finale Part 1 of Arrow. Let’s see what tonight’s episode had in store for us!

So the episode starts off with two guards patrolling what seems like a warehouse. They quickly pull their guns out when they hear a sound. He rush over to the main door and see that something is hitting it. The guards point their guns towards the door not knowing what was on the other side. As the big titanium door falls flat, a man walks into the warehouse and begins to attack both guards, killing them.


It’s finally morning and we see Oliver along with his mother walking into Queen Consolidated. Felicity is by her desk, waiting to greet them. Oh how we love Felicity and her awkwardness.


Felicity: Welcome back Mrs.Queen! You look fabulous, did you do something to your hair?

Moira: Yes, i shampooed it without 8 woman and a guard watching.

Felicity: Ha ha……..oh.

As they continue in the office, Oliver and Moira join Isabel in a conference room, where Mrs. Rochev doesn’t seem too happy about the idea of Moira being back in the company but Oliver thinks other wise. Isabel reminds Oliver of what his mother had just been threw and how he should start thinking more like a CEO and less like a son.


Diggle then comes to Oliver to inform him that there has been a break in and something was stolen from them,a centrifuge. They rush over to the warehouse where our beloved officer Lance as at the scene of the crime trying to explain to them what has happen. Meanwhile, we see that is pouring rain outside and we see a few glimpses of an unknown guy stepping out of a train and trying to catch a cab.He seems to be late for something but who knows what it is, poor guy needs to be quicker on his feet. As the gang begins to run out of ideas, a young fellow steps in and clears things up saying that it was a one man job, a really strong man actually. Confused, both Oliver and officer Lance question the unknown youth.


Officer lance :That’s great and who the hell are you?

Oliver:And do your parents know your here?

Barry: Oh uhmmm I’m Barry Allen and im with the CSI of central city!

Turns out our mysterious youth is none other than Barry Allen. (but we all know who he really is but let’s not jump ahead to quickly) He arrived to Starlin because he was sent by his boss, it seems that Central city has been having similar robberies. As Barry explains why he thinks its a one man job and what exactly was stolen, it seems that our beloved felicity has taken an interest on him. Later after Lance suggest to Felicity that their mutual friend should look into this, she reassures him that he probably is already on it. Back at the office, Felicity shows Oliver footage of a near by traffic camera and Barry was right, it was a one man job. In the video you can clearly see the man holding up the item that was stolen, all by himself. They’re little huddle was interrupted when Barry walks in, it seems that Felicity had offered him a place to work at Queen Consolidated without asking Oliver first. At first he doesn’t seem to pleased but she manages to convince him.


Felicity: Can he stay? pleeeeeeaaase??

Oliver: Fine fine!

Back at the Queen residence, Oliver walks in the living and apologies to his mother for what happen with Isabel at the office. She thinks nothing of it and doesn’t blame her. Oliver thinks it isn’t fair that people still blame her for what happen despite her being innocent, so he suggest to throw a party for her. A welcome back to queen consolidated party. Moira thinks isn’t a great idea but Thea walks in with Roy thinking it is. As they chat it over, Roy gets a message on his phone and apologies but he had to go. Thea tagged along and Oliver said that he would take care of the party.


Back at the warehouse, Barry and Felicity are investigating where the man stole the centrifuge. Barry manages to find some substance in which the man had dragged into when he broke in. As they analyze the substance, Barry begins to question Felicity on the Arrow. He ask her many questions but she tries to avoid them as much as possible. She wonders why he is so interested and Barry tells her that his mother was murdered when he was 11 and that the police hadn’t caught the man responsible. He knew that if the Arrow was around, the man would of been caught by now.


We then head over to Roy and Thea that meet up with Roy’s friend Sin. She asks for his help, because of a friend of hers has gone missing. Roy isn’t too sure but Thea steps in and says that she and Roy will gladly help her out. Roy is shocked but goes along with it.


Later that night we see Moira alone in her room, when suddenly Malcolm walks in. He demands Moira to tell Thea that she is his daughter as soon as possible, leaving poor Moira not knowing what to do.


We then find out the substance on the floor is in fact sugar and wouldn’t you know, a sugar factory had its trucks stolen not long ago. Felicity then talks about a party she had been invited to and that she had a plus one.She invites Barry and he gladly accept only with the condition that there be no dancing, since he isn’t too good on his feet. Oliver walks in with Diggle and ask Felicity if she could track the stolen truck. Both her and Barry have tried but haven’t had any luck. But as soon as they said that, the truck popped into the radar and it just left a blood bank, stealing a big amount of O- blood. As Oliver gets ready to leave and track down the thief, he asks Diggle to look into Barry. We see the stolen truck being driven by the thief. The Arrow is right behind with his bike following him. He tries to stop the man by punching him and stabbing his leg but the man didn’t even flinch. He easily punched Oli off the truck, leaving him confused and shocked.


Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver begins to explain that while on the island, he had fought someone with similar abilities. We then learn that Diggle fought out that Barry isn’t who he said he was.


The next morning Roy, Thea and Sin go investigate and search Max’s apartment (Sin’s friend). He hadn’t been in his apartment for a while now. Roy finds a pamphlet for a blood drive. Roy ask when exactly Max went missing and when Sin sees the pamphlet, she points at it and says “that day”. As they walk out, we see a cop car parked right outside with a man watching them. The man dressed like a cop then takes his phone and calls Brother blood. He tells them that they are looking for Max and Brother blood responds “Then we’ll give them Max”


Afterwards, while Felicity and Barry are talking about the particle accelerator thats going to run in Central City, Oliver walks in and tells Barry that he knows who he really is. Poor Barry lied online because back in Central City, they had accused his father of killing his mother. He took in cases that seemed out of the norm, in hopes to solve one and maybe help him understand what he saw the night his mother got killed and hopefully free his father. Barry apologies to both Oli then tells Felicity that she should find another plus one before leaving.


That night, was the party Oliver had prepared for his mother. Felicity pulls Oliver for a word. He said that he over reacted a little on the whole Barry issue and Felicity agreed but now he needed to apologize to his mother for being wrong. Confused, Oliver goes into the next room and sees that barely anyone showed up. Thea insist that her mother shouldn’t attend but she thinks other wise as she then begins to greet her guest.

Arrow_s02e08_32 Arrow_s02e08_34

As the party continues, Roy get’s a call from Sin which got him all worried. Thea ask if everything is ok and if they found Max. Roy said that everything is fine and that Sin online wanted to see him. Thea insisted to go with him but he said that it be best if she stayed and so she did. Meanwhile Oliver ask Felicity to dance. Of course she is still angry at him for lashing at Barry earlier. Oliver is aware so he tells “I know, but thats why I invited him”. As Felicity turns, she sees that Barry did show up after all and do end up dancing.

Arrow_s02e08_35 Arrow_s02e08_36

After the party, Oliver apologizes to his mother for throwing a not so great party. Moira knows he tried and told him it was a lovely party. Oliver then leaves and heads to the cave. Once there Felicity and Diggle inform them that the thief is at it again. Oliver gets ready to leave but before he does, Felicity informs him that Roy has some info for him. Turn out that earlier when sin called, she had in fact found Max. So when Roy went to meet up, he saw a bunch of cops around. Max was dead and the police think he OD, but Sin knows he didn’t and someone killed him. Roy managed to snap a photo of the body before leaving, but as he did that same cop that spotted them leaving max’s apartment was at the scene of the crime. So Oli finally meets up with Roy and ask him what did he want. Roy tells him about max and shows him the picture he took, showing Max dead on the ground with blood coming out of his eyes. When Oli saw the picture, he advised Roy to stay away from that but Roy insisted in helping him. Oli objected which caused Roy to get angry and finally snap at him, yelling that he didn’t need him and he had other friends he could help him. Oliver had no chose but to shoot an arrow at his leg to slow him down and make sure he didn’t butt in anymore.


As Oliver heads to where the thief is, we find Barry and Felicity back to where the thief stole in the first place. Barry is on the phone with his boss and urges him to come back. Not having any other option, Barry collects his things and says good-bye to Felicity. Oliver finally meets up with the thief and confronts him, he manages to tie him down long enough to ask if he was ejected why the some serum, but the man breaks free and tells him that he took it willingly. As the fighting continues Oliver gets knocked over some medical products and gets knocked out. After the fight Felicity and Diggle rush over to Oliver‘s aid and see that he had been injected with something, not knowing what to do Felicity tells Diggle they can’t call 911 and that she knows who to ask for help.


Meanwhile Moira is back at home and is visited by Malcolm once again asking if she told Thea. Moira didn’t and she says that she never will. He chuckles at her and says that who will stop him? Moira smiles as she tells him that she knows who can.  Ra’s al ghul, when Malcolm heard that name his face went serious. She informed him that she told Ra’s al ghul that Malcolm was still alive and that he was thankful for the information. She also says that Ra’s will personally see to it that Malcolm get’s killed.


We then see Barry at the train station and ask when the next train to Central city is? Turn out it left 10 mins ago and the next one is in the morning. Poor Barry is upset and discouraged as he walks over to the benches and sits down. As he did, a small arrow is shot and hits his neck causing him to pass out. He then slowly wakes up and begins to looks around as his vision begins to focus. Dazed and confused he manages to deduce where he is and notices someone laying on a table before him. It was Oliver in his suit which catches Barry off guard, then he notices Diggle and lastly Felicity. She ask him to help Oliver.


As for on the island, after escaping Dr. Ivo, the gang head to the coordinates that the arrow head had in graved on it. It leaded to a submarine that some how washed up onto the island. It belong to the japanese back in WW2. It was said that it contained some sort of serum that would enhance a soldier’s strenght and stamina. As Slade begins to run out of time, they head out to that sub in hopes to find that serum. Once they find the sub, they also find the serum. Slade said that he was going to die anyways so he insisted that they injected him with it. But Sara kept telling them that it will kill him. So Oliver finally injects him which causes Slade to scream in pain and his eyes to cry out blood. He struggles at first but slowly clams down then finally according to Sara die. Oliver and Shado embrace themselves as they watch their friend die, but the sadness ended quickly for Dr. Ivo burst right in and captures them once again.


Well guys there you have it! he episode was alright, not too exciting but yet not too boring. Next week is part 2 of the mid season finally and that episode looks amazing! Stay tune for the review for next week’s episode! Meanwhile you can watch the promo for the ‘Three ghost‘ airing december 11th 2013.

Till next time, this is Jessica signing off!


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