Arrow Season 2 Episode 9

Three Ghost – December 11th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Hey there fellow A readers! We’re merely moments away from Arrow coming back (January 15th, 2014 to be exact) and what better way to prepare ourselves than to recap the last episode that aired before the christmas break! This is Three ghost.

As we all remember from the episode before this one, Oliver was left for dead and was found by Felicity and Diggle. They had no other choice but to take him back to the HQ and ask Barry for his help. Barry manages to save Oliver’s life, but Oliver is angry to find out that Felicity has revealed his secret when he wakes up, he nearly chokes him to death!


After throwing a hissy fit, Oliver begins to slowly accept that someone else knows his secret and said that if Barry is to stay, he should make himself useful. Barry and Felicity are able to identify and locate Oliver’s attacker, Cyrus Gold.


Throughout the episode, Oliver begins to hallucinate and sees people whom he believes are dead. Shado who advises him to stop fighting or else the ones he love will die, Slade who reminds him that he is no hero, that he betrayed him and even Tommy who tells him that he takes back on calling him a murderer and he is indeed a hero, hence the name Three Ghost. Gives it a Christmassy feel.


While continuing to discover the truth behind the death of Sin’s friend Max, Roy is captured by Cyrus and brought before Sebastian who injects him with the serum, poor Roy tries his best to fight back but sadly it was no use.


The serum fails to work and ends up killing Roy, leaving him with bloody eyes just like the rest of the failed test subjects. Oliver arrives and stops Cyrus, getting rid of the remaining serum. Oliver unties Roy and sets him on the floor, trying to wake him up and miraculously he manages to revive him. Oliver is relieved that he is ok but worries that the serum may affect him negatively.


In flashbacks, Dr. Ivo ends up killing Shado because Oliver leaned towards Sara to save so he could save her but in reality he didn’t know what to do. Ivo is about to kill both Sara and Oliver but flees when Slade turns up with super-human strength and kills his men. Sadden by the events that he wasn’t able to prevent, he holds onto Shado’s lifeless body and states that whoever is responsible, will pay.


Later, we see Sebastien walk up to a man behind a desk, telling him that vigilante got to him and got rid of the serum. We then see that the man that was behind all of this was not Sebastien but none other than Slade himself. He tells Sebastien that he will provide him with a sample of his blood for it is the main reason how they are able to recreate the serum from the island, he also orders Blood to leave the vigilante alone, so the he can deal with him personally.


Barry leaves a green mask for Oliver, to better hide his identity after he suggested to use something else other than grease paint, after he returned to Central City.


A malfunction with the new particle accelerator, coupled with a lightning storm, causes an explosion and Barry is caught in the blast, which surprisingly didn’t fry him to a crisp, instead we see some sort of light go up his body and into his head. I have a feeling that he will be wearing alot of red from now one.


Can’t wait for the next episode? Well Arrow will be back on The CW January 15th, 2014 @ 8pm. Meanwhile, here’s the promo for episode 10 called Blast Radius, enjoy!

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Till next time, this is Jessica signing off!

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