Arrow Season 3 Episode 1

The Calm – October 8th, 2014

*spoiler alert*

Hey there A readers, so Arrow is finally back with a new season! So what better way of to prepare ourselves for the next episode than to recap the last one! This is The Calm.

(OMG OLICITY!!) oh btw, spoiler alert! 

So after a rather intense season finally, the whole arrow gang is back and better than ever! We’ve got Roy as Arsenal! Oliver and Felicity are being extra cute with each other and they even kiss!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! (as seen in the gif above)

We learn as well that Diggle is a daddy!! 

Fecility unfortunately lost her job and is now working as a tech sales rep/support at an electronic store, poor her. But can we just take a moment and appreciate how much of a babe she looks during her date with Oliver! Like Holy cow!

With this new season, we get to meet new characters such as Ray Palmer! For those who don’t know who he is in the DC universe, he is The Atom. (played by Brandon Routh) He is out to buy off Queen Consolidated

I left out many many things, like whats going on with Thea, Laurel and Detective Lance. I just wanted to talk about the important stuffs, (yes Daddy Diggle is important! He is a DILF!..wait can I write that…uhhmmm…anyways moving on!) Everything was going well, heck we even see Sara come back, all suited up and kicking butt! What a great episode filled with action and emotions. What could possibly go wrong?! Oh wait… 

I’m sure all of our jaws dropped when this happened, I know mine did. God damn, I really liked Sara, she was a bad assssssss. But if you’re a DC nerd like me, then you know who Black Canary is suppose to be. So sadly she had to die, sorry Sara you will be missed. *cries*

Check out the trailer for the next episode if you haven’t

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till next time, this is Jessica signing out. Peace yo!

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