Batman and Robin 18 Requiem


WOW! WOW! WOW! I just ”read” the new Batman and Robin #18 Requiem and it was really good. Grant Morrison, the writer of the Action comics, All star Superman, Batman inc. and more, has change the world of Batman.

We can remember that in Batman inc. #8, Damian Wayne A.K.A Robin, the son of Batman is no more. In March, each story of the Bats family (Nightwing, Teen Titans, Batgirl, Batman, Batman inc., Batman detective comics, Red hood and the outlaws) are requiem of Robin. Even in Catwoman and Worlds’ Finest their’s a reference (Long story short, Huntress is the daughter of Batman and was the Robin in Earth 2). In this comic the writer, Peter J. Tomasi, and the artists, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray, give us the emotionnal merchandise

By “read” I mean that the comic it’s only pictures, no dialogue, no sound effect at all. You have to look carefully at each picture to understand the pain that Batman feels and even Alfred when his looking at the painting crying. It is a dark and silent story. You can compare that to 1 minute of silence to one comic of silence. One picture is worth 1 million word.

2013-03-13-07-47-40-batman-and-robin-18-004Photo credit: Batman and Robin #18

Batman is struggling after the event in Batman inc. and all his actions remind me of after ”A dead in the family” when Jason Todd died. He doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, he capture plenty of bad guys in a really short time and deliver them to commissioner Gordon. He doesn’t know how to react to his lost. He sees Robin in the car, when he’s jumping from building to building or sliding the pole to the batcave but he’s always alone. All the comic is about Batman’s emotions as we can see at the end when he read the letter of Robin.

tumblr_mjlilaX3YB1s3lceuo1_r1_1280Photo credit: Tumblr

The last picture of the comic is a moment that we sens the sadness of Bruce Wayne, It’s the same position when he was holding Damian in Batman and robin #14 and said: ”I’m proud of you”

batman-hugs-damianPhoto credit: retcon-punch

I give this comic 10/10. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it!

RIP Robin, you will be miss.

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