Heart of Darkness – April 18, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

Evan that goes behind Cath without her knowing, telling Murfield everything he saw and everything he knows… except revealing Cath’s name :(… bad idea man…batb_s01e18-01

Vincent doing laundry at Cath’s… awww, that’s cute <3batb_s01e18-02

I miss Tess and Cath moment!!! Tess is hilarious!!batb_s01e18-03

Evan, Evan, Evan… But what did you do!!!! Why did you reveal Vincent identity to M!batb_s01e18-04

Sendhil Ramamurthy will always be Dr. Suresh to me haha (Heroes). What a bitch in this show though lolbatb_s01e18-05

Noooo!!! Vincent got frame :((((batb_s01e18-06

Uh oh :O !! They know something about Cath’s Mom!!batb_s01e18-07

Tess to JT : “Hey look, don’t think it is a personal criticism but you can’t fit down the 7 inches vent pipe”
God i love this girl hahahaha!

WTF! What are they doing o.O ? They want to reconstruct another “monster” ?batb_s01e18-09

Awwwnnn Vincent caged :(batb_s01e18-10

Evan realizing what he has done… And realizing that Vincent wasn’t that much of a monster.batb_s01e18-11

I really love that pic. Vincent helping Evan… for the last time :(batb_s01e18-12

Awwwww this broke my heart… kiss goodbye… :'(batb_s01e18-13

Evan standing there to protect and buy time for Catherine and Vincent… RIP Evan, i began to like you :(batb_s01e18-14

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