As i said in my last BITF about the first Harry Potter movie, I’m a huge fan of that serie. But I don’t know why, I really… REALLY don’t like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret. Since it came out… I’m a bad fan, I know. But the stupid snake was so scary back then… Now, It’s not my favorite… I AM NOT GONNA “BASH” ON THE MOVIE, DO NOT WORRY ! I am just going to say what I almost liked from that movie (again, not the book!).

10. Oh Harry, is it that hard to say Diagon Alley?
Harry Potter2_01
Harry Potter2_02

9. Ron, what is wrong with your face in that movie? I’m serious, what is the problem?
Harry Potter2_03

8. SURPRISE, Hogwart express !
Harry Potter2_04

7. Don’t worry, puberty is going to hit soon enough. Oh yes. Hmmm yes. Creeper alert.
Harry Potter2_05

Harry Potter2_06

5. Those damn mandrake … God Ron your face, seriously.
Harry Potter2_07

4. HAHAHAHA I’M SO SORRY BUT HAHAHA . I’m not going to say a thing on the special effects but HAHAHAHHAHAAA.
Harry Potter2_08

3. Rest in peace Richard Harris, you did an awesome Santa-like Dumbledore.
Harry Potter2_09

2. ONE MORE SURPRISE, the bad guy is Voldemort. Not Malfoy. Or Snape. GET OVER IT HARRY, GOD.
Harry Potter2_10

1. Dobby was so annoying. Soooo annoying. But after all those years, I am sad. (But this isn’t BITF on HP and the deadly hallows, so let’s forget that he is dead…)
Harry Potter2_11

That’s it for my BITF this week! I hope you liked it ~

I want to know what you liked or hated the most in that movie!

See you for a new BITF on 10 things I ADOOORE on Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban !

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