On July 3th, 1985, one of the best movie of the 80’s came out. Written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, and – the one and only – Steven Spielberg as a Executive producer, Back to the future was born. This is the movie that start the career of Micheal J. Fox and introduced us to the world of tomorrow…. and – of yesterday! Part one take us back to year 1955 were Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox) encounter his parent and change the future by doing so. They must absolutely meet, if not, Marty will never be born! After 27 years, this movie cult is still as popular as when he came out. This movie made me laugh so much and i can’t get fed up to see it.

For the first BITF, let me show you my favorites moment and why i love Back to the Future.

1. Great music!

2. We all dream to be blast off by sound!tumblr_mjkcyxADNy1r4qmsgo1_500

3. Chocolat give you courage. It’s a fact! And receiving a sliding drink is cool!tumblr_mihcewbIvg1qen6qlo2_500

4. I love the special effect 😛tumblr_m6zdawgRi91qgpvbxo1_1280

5. They make reference about Star Wars and Star Trek!tumblr_mk83cjPkeg1r4mmggo1_500


6. I can’t describe the awesomeness of this scene!


7. After all that Biff did, I was happy to see him get K.OBiff_KO

8. The Dolorean!! What a great car!bttf_time_machine_ebay_lead

9. How could you not love that scene?


10. ”Roads? Where we going, we don’t need road” – Doc
One of the best ”to be continued” I’ve seen


Stay tune for another BITF, next friday!


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  1. April 21, 2013 at 4:07 PM Steph

    NICE!!! I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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