Today I want to show you a BITF on one of my favorite teenager movie : Honey. Even though dance movies often have a crap story, they still have awesome dance moments and great soundtrack. This movie was release on December 5, 2003. It was 10 years ago!! Woah!! :O

Dark Angel-lead Jessica Alba stars in the title role of this film, the feature debut from music-video director Bille Woodruff. Honey is a girl from the streets who works in a record store, teaches the occasional dance class at a community center, and treks downtown every weekend to hit the clubs and try out some new moves. There, she meets a music video producer (David Moscow) who offers her a chance to be a choreographer — but at a price she eventually learns she’s unwilling to pay. Determined to pick herself back up, Honey goes back to the inner-city of her youth with plans of starting a dance school. Lil’ Romeo co-stars as Honey’s protege; other real-life musicians (including Missy Elliott, Tweet, Jay-Z, and Ginuwine) appear as themselves.

This movie really gets to me and I will show you 10 things why I love it so much. Scroll down! :)


10. Guests star singers

Since Honey Daniels became a choreographer for big names in the industry, the movie casts a lot of good guests star singers back in the day. You have Ginuwine, Tweet, Missy Elliot, Jadakiss and Shawn Desman.

Watch the clip below, it was with Tweet. I love this scene too because you see Benny and Raymond bonding with Honey :)

9. Chaz (Mekhi Phifer)

When it has love in dance movies, it has to be cheesy. It has to have a romantic, protector boyfriend. And here he is, he’s Chaz. In the movie, you can’t hate him. He is so charming and protective of Honey <3 You can see him helping her and giving good advice. Screw Michael (the douchebag producer) seriously !

Random but I’ve searched for his name on IMDB and I realized that he played in 8 Miles with Eminem. He was the black guy with dreads lol. I really didn’t recognize him at first because he had hair haha!


8. The first version of choreography on Ginuwine music video

This scene was the sad part the movie where’s everything teared apart :( If you remember well, Honey did a great choreography with the students of her dance class for the Ginuwine music video. Then, you see Michael, douche bag, standing up, telling Honey nothing was good and bringing back the other “slut”. He was telling her that it needed to be more sexy -.-” Yeah… booo youuuu

BUT beside this sad part, I LOVE this group dances!!

The video below isn’t the dance I was talking about, really can’t find it :( I found the part where Honey got rejected by Michael just after the dance though.

7. Soundtrack

This is my kind of music! Hip Hop, Dance, Pop musics! See in the Tracklist below, you have big names and great songs. Listen to it! It has a good 90s vibe :)


01. Missy Elliot – Hurt Somethin [03:31] 02. Blaque – I’m Good [03:35] 03. Sean Paul – Gimme the Light [03:47] 04. Erick Sermon (Feat. Redman) – React [03:39] 05. Nate Dogg (Feat. Memphis Bleek, Freeway, & Young Chris) – Leave Her Alone [04:09] 06. Mark Ronson (Feat.. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon) – Ohh We [03:29] 07. Tamia – It’s A Party [03:23] 08. Tweet (Feat. Missy Elliot) – Thugman [03:44] 09. Fabolous – Now Ride [02:52] 10. Jadakiss & Sheek – J-A-D-A [03:45] 11. Amerie – Think of You [03:47] 12. Goapele – Closer [03:50] 13. Yolanda Adams – I Believe [03:44]

6. Awesome young dancers

I have a passion for dance but what I like most when it comes to dances, it’s young people dancing. They are so cute and I am really impressed by that!! The way that they dance at such a young age :O I would loooooove to have skills like that! (yes, I’m jealous)

5. Sexy with Shawn Desman

Shawn Desman was my star singer of this era. I love his songs so much! Love songs, sexy songs, dance songs, e-ve-ry-thing about him <3 And you can see in this video below, Honey (Jessica Alba) dancing on one of his song. Ouuuff seexayyy 😉

4. Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot appearance in this movie was HI-LA-RI-OUS!! Mainly, when she comes to Michael, asked for Honey to be her choreographer and he said he can’t deliver Honey but had another girl for this job that she would like. OMG lol when Missy imitates the girl, damn I laugh so much XD And she was back at the end of the movie, when she yelled at her driver because he bring her late to Honey Daniels benefits show haha. Love her <3

3. Raymond (Zachary Williams)


This guy was sooooo cute!!! You can’t not, not love him, when you see him acting and dancing with his big afro soon-to-be-braid <3

2. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba was the main reason why I watched AND love this movie. For the people that knows me well, she is my favorite actress. I loooove her, she is so down-to-earth, good actress, sexy and charming. And she dances so well <3

1. Final dance


I think I watch this part of the movie like a billion times. The song is just too catchy and too happy! It has a great message that tells you to believe in yourself, never give up, never gets you hopes up. The choreography is just a-MAH-zing. Can’t say more, and it wasn’t enough. Just watch the clip below and you’ll see 😉

Watch the official trailer here:

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