Today, since it’s a Superman day because of the release of the Man of Steel movie and because this year is the 75 years of Superman, I decided to do my first BITF on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It was one of the first tv series I watched as a kid/teenager. It has a special place in my heart. I remember when I had to tell my mom to record it on Saturday morning on VHS. One time, she recorded one of her cheesy show over the episode that I didn’t watch yet lol booooo mom! :(

Before I went to IMDB to see when it was made, I haven’t realize that the show first aired 20 years ago! It aired between 1993 and 1997. Does that make me feel old? YES definitely XD!

But here is my top 10 of what i like about Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

10. The Opening Credits

For me, it’s rare that opening credits captivates me until the last season of a series. It needs to be fun and entertaining to watch or to sing. Usually, I skip them. This one, I can compare to the FRIENDS opening credits. These credits have some scenes from the season to watch, fun cast to laugh at, a catchy melody and so much nostalgia when I listened to it 😀 ! Damn… too many memories of my teenager’s life <3

Here they are! Watch the 4 seasons opening credits below :)

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

9. The Season’s Greedings episode

After Mr. Schott is fired from his toy making job, he decides to get revenge and make a lot of money by creating Atomic Space Rats, which spray a substance that causes everyone to be more greedy. It also makes adults, including Clark, act like children.

One of my favorite episode! Seeing every character greedy and childish was HI-LA-RI-OUS! If you remember what happened in this episode (or not, you can see it in the link below :P), at some point Clark makes Jimmy look away and then eat all the candy using his super speed and Jimmy only has a mouthfull XD HAHA! Or when Lois was way too excited about having her own rats lol! You can see all these funny parts of this episode here.


8. Perry White

If you’re a fan of Superman, you should know that Perry is the Chief editor of the Daily Planet, the boss of Lois and Clark 😛

What makes me love this character is that he makes me laugh a lot lol! Mainly when his scenes are related to his obsession about Elvis Presley. Watch the two videos below after this pictures, you’ll see haha!!


7. The Tempus episode

This one is another great episode of Lois and Clark. When Tempus came from the future and tell us a bit about Lois and Clark’s future. One scene that made me laugh a lot was when Tempus is telling Lois how dumb she is for not seeing that Clark and Superman are the same person… And Lois was all like “Huh?… What are you talking about?” hahahaha!

I like when Tempus is there, because he lets us know more about Lois and Clark’s future. It was fun to know. And he is so sarcastic haha! I have to admit that he was a great villain in this series beside Lex Luthor. Maybe because I’m a little bit tired of seeing Lex everywhere too lol.

Watch the full clip here.


6. The Superman Costume

The costume fits Dean Cain perfectly. It was all shiny and tight, it has the 90’s look haha. Since Dean Cain had a fit body, it helps too 😉 One thing though, the cape is huuuuge :O

The best scene about the costume though is when Clark’s mom (Martha) helps him create the perfect Superman costume. Watch the full clip here. God, the leopard one HAHA

lnc_06_cost_01 lnc_06_cost_02 lnc_06_cost_03 lnc_06_cost_04 lnc_06_cost_05 lnc_06_cost_06 lnc_06_cost_07 lnc_06_cost_08


5. Cheesy moments

Another thing I really like about this show is the cheesiness. The 90s cheesiness 😛 Everything about the growing love of Lois and Clark makes me love this show! Watch the two videos below to see what I’m talking about :)

4. Some super funny moments too

Even though it was a drama kind of show, there was a LOT of funny scenes. The characters often just crack me up and I just can’t stop laughing. It makes them so charming and you get easily attach to them. <3

3. Teri Hatcher

The famous actress of Desperate Housewives was in fact famous before for Lois and Clark, Yay!! The actress is just so charming and I love the way she played Lois. In all the actresses that played Lois on screen, Teri is my surely my fav! Some might disagree with me, since I don’t like Smallville at all *cough* [ Stef ] *cough* BUT I’m sure that Erica Durance was good at playing Lois too. It’s just.. Smallville.. Meh.


2. Dean Cain

Dean Cain’s Clark Kent is one of my favorite because he’s not the “bumbling fool” in this show. They actually made it believable for Lois to fall in love with Clark. Compare to Superman movies where Lois is heads over heels in love with the Man of Steel and don’t really care about Clark because he’s all shy and nervous… Meh. But woot for Dean Cain! And what a hottie 😉


1. Lois and Clark, the characters

This is my major point why I love Lois and Clark: The new adventures of Superman. Lois AND Clark together. Notice here that I didn’t say Lois AND Superman. Like I said before, it’s fun to see Lois falling in love with Clark and not the man with the superpowers. It makes it more “human”. I love the chemistry they have between each other. I love their growing love toward each other, their fights, dramas, their funny moments, EVERYTHING! Sometimes, they are cocky with each other but they are so adorable <3 That’s why this show has a big part in my heart.

Lois: And, let’s get something straight. I did not work my buns off to become an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet just to babysit some hack from nowheresville. And, one other thing, you are not working with me, you’re working for me. I call the shots. I ask the questions. You are low man, and I am top banana. And that’s the way I like it. Comprende?

Clark: You like to be on top. Got it.

Lois: Don’t push me, Kent. You are way out of your league.


Lois: So, how did I rate as a date?
Clark: Oh, A-plus.
Lois: I hung on your arm decoratively.
Clark: You did.
Lois: Fawned appropriately.
Clark: Absolutely.
Lois: And just faded into the background during your big moment.
Clark: You were beautiful yet invisible.
Lois: Mmm, make me go through another night like that, and I’ll rip out your spleen.


Here’s a little bonus: some bloopers!

Thanks for reading my first BITF ever :)

So did you like this show like I did? What do you think about it compared to all the others Superman version? Tell me all about it!!

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