Black Widow Volume 1: The Finely Woven Thread Review

“You might think I’m cold-hearted. I am. I can’t afford distractions. I’ve got work to do.”

I have to admit, I never was a big Marvel fan. I loved some of their superheroes and their movies, but I was never invested enough to actually want to go buy their comic books. However, this all changed over the past year. I’m not sure if it’s due to them putting out great comics (I’m looking at you Ms. Marvel), amazing movies (seriously if you haven’t watched Guardians Of The Galaxy yet, run to the closest movie theater now!) or just me falling out of love for DC, but I started buying Marvel comic books and I’m really enjoying them. A lot.

With that said, I was a bit scared that I would be totally lost by jumping into a new book with a character that as existed for awhile and that I had no previous knowledge about except from the recent Marvel movies. Which is why I decided to pick up the first trade volume of Black Widow, because hey it’s the first volume so they must be introducing the character again right? Well… not really, but it is still a really easy entry point for new people. I didn’t feel lost while reading the book, but you definitely get the sense that the character as been there for a while and this is definitely not her first time working with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. Which really isn’t a bad thing. I liked seeing characters that I recognized from the movies and you really don’t need to know more then that to enjoy and understand the book.

While I can’t really judge Nathan Edmondson‘s characterization of Natasha, as this is my first time reading a Black Widow comic book, I can say that I really did enjoy the story especially when S.H.I.E.L.D. gets involved in issue #3. And I really love the way Natasha’s friendship with her lawyer and the cat develops (she let the cat in!!)

Another thing that I like about this book is the art. The art is amazing!


No seriously, look at it!


All in all, I thought this book was great as an entry point. Natasha Romanoff is an awesome badass character that I definitely want to read more about. If you were even remotely interested in the character while watching the recent Marvel movies, you should definitely give this one a try!

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