Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16

Felina – September 29, 2013 *spoiler alert*

All Bad things must come to an end! The perfect phrase for a perfect ending! Yesterday was the series finale of the epic TV show Breaking Bad


It’s wasn’t what I was expecting… Well no I was expecting that Heisenberg would die but not in that way.

I had a conversation about Breaking Bad with my friends recently and we were speaking of how it could end. I can say that, after the last episode… we were wrong all the way! I really didn’t see that ending coming. I know that Walter White/Heisenberg/The Cook was going to die at the end. How? By shooting or poisoning himself. Anyways, even though we didn’t have the ending we thought, it’s was better!


As the episode begins, the first words of Heisenberg was Just get me home. All the man wants, after losing his family, health, money, friend, empire is to get back home and to finish the job!


The first big surprise, for me, was that moment, when he made the deal with his ex two partners/best friends. He wanted to make sure that they will keep their words. When we think that he was going away, Walter White gave a signal with his hand and two Snipers point their laser out to their chest.

On AMC Breaking Bad’s website, during the airing of the show, you were able to follow the story in real time and play games/trivia on Story Sync. They asked you some questions about what is going on and at this scene precisely, they ask in which categories was Walt’s plan. When you answered, it will show you the pourcentage of responses in each categories. What would be YOUR answers?Breakingbadstorysync


What about Jesse?

He didn’t talk a lot in this last episode, not even his favorite one: B****. We saw him at the beginning of the series as a little thug who doesn’t know anything and doesn’t think before acting. As the show goes on, we saw him evolving, getting more mature. Travelling with Mike helped. When he killed Todd, he did it as if Mike would have done it and that was beautiful because he could have his revenge. Mr. White, as Jesse called him, has done many bad things but Todd was worse. He killed children and Jesse’s love just in front of him. All that without any remorse.

In this last episode, when he was about to kill Mr. White, he didn’t do it. He won’t do the work of others like before. He dropped the gun and said: Do it yourself” and walked away. The scene when we saw his face through the car, when driving through the fence, was beautiful. The happiness that we saw, says everything. Everything was over.


I love this picture! When Walt’s go to the meth lab to see it for one last time before he dies, we can see the cops arriving in the background and as he touches the barrel, he remembered the feeling of working his product. He, then, collapses on the ground, dying of a wound pierced by a bullet. I couldn’t ask for a better ending.

Thank you AMC for giving us one of the greatest TV Show and the best ending it could have!



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