Brooklyn Nine-Nine – S01E01
Pilot – September 17, 2013

*spoiler alert*

What a great pilot for this first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine first season! I had high expectations about this series because I was waiting to see Andy Samberg (The Lonely Island, SNL) and Terry Crews (Bridesmaid, White Chicks, The Longest Yard) in action. I expected for them to make me laugh and they did!

For this first episode, they received a new Captain for the District. Jake Parelta (Andy Samberg), a long time detective there, was all smart ass about it and doesn’t listen to the Captain at all. In the meantime, he and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), another detective, have a competition going on between them to see who will arrest the most people this year. If Parelta wins, he can go on a date with her, and if Santiago wins, he owes her a car.

The part where the Captain told Parelta to put a tie was hilarious haha! Parelta finding many excuses to not expose his tie. And once he did, he had a tie on his neck but wore a speedo for a shift XDD

Meanwhile, you’ll find out that the Captain came out of the closet a few years ago and told the two agents about that. They are getting close together woohoo!

There are a lot of jokes and nagging each other. It’s quite funny haha! You have to watch it to know the jokes and laugh 😛

And in the end, they all get together and work as a team to catch a murderer! I’m already attached to them!

Here’s a few snapshot I took from the net (didn’t have the video with me to printscreen the right scenes for you yet :( )

brooklyninenine-s01e01_02 brooklyninenine-s01e01_01 brooklyninenine-s01e01_05 brooklyninenine-s01e01_03 brooklyninenine-s01e01_04

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