Why you should buy CAMP TAKOTA

Three best friends and a dream!

Yes, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart made a MOVIE this year! A real one! With a director, cameraman, soundman , extras, etc! But you already knew that because they have said the words CAMP TAKOTA DOT COM in every YouTube video they’ve made!

If you don’t know Grace (It’s Grace), Mamrie (You Deserve a Drink) and Hannah (My Drunk Kitchen), well, you’ve missed your entire life! Go watch their videos now!

But the real thing here is…Why you should watch the movie?
Here’s 3 reasons why! (No spoilers)
1 – Because it’s REALLY WELL DONE !

This is not a student movie made in the neighbor’s apartment. Knowing the ‘’Holy Trinity’’ or not, you’d watch Camp Takota anyway! This is a film that should have gone in movie theatres. The picture quality is perfect, same thing for sound. I also liked the music. It gaves a good atmosphere to the film.

2 – Because it’s FUNNY AND TOUCHING !

Mamrie has write the screenplay ! You don’t need any more reasons I think. The punch lines are well placed and of course there’s puns in it! I saw the film twice and I laugh more the second time. Also, you’’ill not cry , but you’ll have several emotional moments . A funny movie , yes, but touching too. Moments of sincerity and emotion. But I don’t want to spoil anything, I’ll say no more.

3 – Because it’s GRACE, MAMRIE and HANNAH !

If you are a true fan, you should buy the movie! C’mon ! It’s only $9.99 and you have a good movie…forever! Support our girls! Plus, instead of having a 5 minute video, you’ll spend 1 hour and 40 minutes with them! It’s awesome right!? And, of course, they all are great actresses! Really! Oh and psst: other youtubers are in the film and there’s a cute little girl too! I love her so much haha I want a movie just about her haha You’ll see…when you’re gonna buy it!

Camp Takota is not just a comedy, it’s a movie about friendship and how to be yourself too. Get to know you as a person and find your own way. And the friends that you have will help you no matter what. In Sex in the City words: ‘Friendships never go out of style…’’.

This movie is awesome guys. Go buy it!CampTakota.04

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‘’I just wanna be me, but a happy version…’’ Elise.

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