Archer – S04E12

Sea Tunt: Part 1 – April 4, 2013 Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert* Introducing Cheryl’s brother, Cecil Tunt. And here’s his girlfriend Tiffy, pilot of the deluxe helicopter. Cecil told Malory how crazy Cheryl really is. Look how creepy she is in that picture XD Pam’s always eating everything and […]

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

After 17 years of waiting for a REAL Dragon ball Z movie, it finally came out! Yeah yeah, you’re going to tell me that there was a movie called: Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!  released in 2008 but that doesn’t count. We’re talking about an original Dragon Ball Z movie like the […]

Archer – S04E11

The Papal Chase – March 28, 2013 Quote of the episode Aaaaaaaaahhh – Pam Is Cyril really doesn’t want to go on mission with Archer or he is really scared of Nuns ? Haha ! Doctor Krieger and his jazz hands made me really laugh ! Mainly when there’s flashback when Krieger and Malory were at […]


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