Which TV show I should watch this Fall 2014

Which TV shows I should watch this Fall 2014 For some of you who knows me very well, one of my hobbies is to watch TV shows. Yes, I’m addicted. It’s a drug. It makes me escape the real world and just immerge into those imaginary world. Well, it keeps me entertain, why not. I’m […]

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up! Hey fellow A readers, it’s been a while I wrote something huh? Well anyways, i’m here to talk to you about this project that went on between several artist on Tumblr called “Moon Animate Make-Up!“. What is it? Basically a bunch of artist participated in this small fun project and each was […]

BITF – My Top 10 Reboot Episodes

BITF – My Top 10 Reboot Episodes Hey guys and welcome to another edition of BACK IN TIME FRIDAY!!!! My fellow Canadians, tell me: What was the one show that we all watched but didn’t understand the terms and names used in it at that time? That’s right, I’m talking about Reboot! Now my beloved American […]

Disney Villain Perfume Bottle Design

Disney Villain Perfume Bottle Design A Pixiv artist created a wonderful collection of perfume bottles design inspired by Disney Villains. Are they real? Nope. Do still want them? YES PLEASE! If one day they are selling those, I would definitely buy them all like my wish to buy all the Pop Figurines! Awesome huh? Which […]

Top 10 posts of 2013

Top 10 posts of 2013 Hi there! Just a few hours left of this year, woah! What was your best 2013 TV shows? Movies? Comics? Events? Tell us all of it down below, we will be happy to read you Here is a list of our top 10 popular posts thanks to you all! Check […]

Welcome back Brian Griffin

Welcome back Brian Griffin Remember the time I asked you about Brian Griffin, if he’ll come back from the dead? Well ladies and gentlemen, this day has come. Our favorite talking dog is back! We can remember the sad episode when Brian died and the Griffin, to fill in the hole and get cheer up from […]

R.I.P. Brian Griffin

R.I.P. Brian Griffin On the day November 24th, the world of the TV show was in grief. Brian Griffin has died. A lot of people think that he’s coming back, but it doesn’t look like it. Peter and the rest of the family have already a new dog name Vinnie. The former Sopranos, Tony Sirico, will voice […]

Review – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 I hope you guys love animation movies, because I’m a huge fan of those! So sit back and relax while you’re reading my own little review on “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2”!! The first Cloudy was amazing. Every time I watch it, I laugh out loud […]

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short To honor Superman 75th Anniversary, DC Comics decide to release a Super-animated short about this famous character. In two minutes, you can see Superman’s journey since his first comic in 1938 to the Man of Steel movie in 2013. Zack Snyder (director, producer, screenwriter) and Bruce Tim (character designer, animator and […]

Disney princesses with bending power

My all time cartoon obsession (after Sailor Moon) will always be Disney princesses, especially Ariel <3 And I began to develop another obsession. It’s all about the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender following by The Legend of Korra. I find the drawing so neat and the stories are very inspiring. I proclaim myself Water […]

Trailer – The Legend of Korra Book 2

Watch the trailer of the upcoming The Legend of Korra Book 2! This looks amazing. The graphics are IN-CRE-DI-BLE! As we can see in the trailer, Korra will finally meet previous avatars, yay! And didn’t you heard? Fans of The Walking Dead will be pleased because Steven Yeun (Glenn) will voiced the first ever Avatar, […]

Trailer – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

I really like the first Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. The idea was great, the drawings too. But I always have a little problem with sequel movies… And even more for cartoon movies… I think the movie will be a great entertainment, but will not be as epic as the first one… It does […]

NEW TV Show – Beware the Batman

After the cancellation of Green Lantern the animated serie and Young Justice, Cartoon Network is bringing a new 3D animated serie to his schedule. It will be air on July 13, 10:00am Seem interesting!


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