Which TV show I should watch this Fall 2014

Which TV shows I should watch this Fall 2014 For some of you who knows me very well, one of my hobbies is to watch TV shows. Yes, I’m addicted. It’s a drug. It makes me escape the real world and just immerge into those imaginary world. Well, it keeps me entertain, why not. I’m […]

Disney princesses with bending power

My all time cartoon obsession (after Sailor Moon) will always be Disney princesses, especially Ariel <3 And I began to develop another obsession. It’s all about the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender following by The Legend of Korra. I find the drawing so neat and the stories are very inspiring. I proclaim myself Water […]

Trailer – The Legend of Korra Book 2

Watch the trailer of the upcoming The Legend of Korra Book 2! This looks amazing. The graphics are IN-CRE-DI-BLE! As we can see in the trailer, Korra will finally meet previous avatars, yay! And didn’t you heard? Fans of The Walking Dead will be pleased because Steven Yeun (Glenn) will voiced the first ever Avatar, […]


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