Christmas 2014 – 12 Gifts for movie lovers

Christmas 2014 – 12 Gifts for movie lovers After TV series, movies are another of our addiction! Instead of just buying a Bluray or a DVD of the best blockbuster of the year, try to go further. Check a goodies that is movie related! It will be super original. Check out down there, 12 gifts ideas […]

Nightwing Arsenal Full Scale Replica

Nightwing Arsenal Full Scale Replica Look at this little gem!! It’s so beautiful! If you already played the game Batman Arkham City you will recognize this weapon. This full scale weapon is the arsenal of Nightwing, former sidekick of the greatest detective, Batman. If you are a collector, you have to buy this! It is not available […]

Sailor Moon Underwear

Sailor Moon Underwear Apparently, the Peach John brand released a small underwear collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon back in 2013. You can find five outfits, one for Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. It is composed of a bra, panties and a satin necklace. How fancy! And you have to admit […]

R2-D2 DVD Projector a Excellent Gift Idea

R2-D2 DVD Projector a Excellent Gift Idea It’s old but we still have to show this off for christmas season because it is awesome and everybody wants it!! And you know it’s old when it shows off the cool iPod Classic 😛 What do you want me to say more about it? Just watch the […]

Gym over iPad?

Today, it’s friday (November 15th) THE Biggest Day of the month! Not only because the PS4 is coming out but also the new iPad Mini. This new product is pretty much similar than the iPad Air that came out recently, except that the screen its smaller (DUH!). For more information about the iPad Mini go […]


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