Why Almost Human shouldn’t be cancelled

Why Almost Human shouldn’t be cancelled So Fox announced that they will not be a next season for the TV Show, Almost Human (April 29, 2014). Since it was from J.J. Abrams, I thought people would like this show more. There were rumors that they will get renewed but… nope… I’m sad Apparently : Now […]

TV Shows – 2013-2014 Schedule

As a TV addict person, is it hard for you to keep track of what is coming out this fall 2013? Which season are they? What is new? On which day are they airing? Well, we are here to help you with our own TV Guide! You can see down below a long list of […]

NEW TV Show – Almost human

This looks as epic as any shows or movies from J.J. Abrams. So far, on what i’ve seen on the trailer, I really where they are going with it. I’m really a big fan of sci-fi and futuristic approach. It’s a show to mark on your calendar for sure! We’ll be watching it!! Coming on […]


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