First review of Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who Season 8 First Review Doctor Who, or the “New Who”, is a very unique TV show, as any fan will tell you; but it is unique for reasons other than being awesome, or featuring a mad spaceman travelling in a blue box and saving the universe with a glorified flashlight – yes, we […]

Doctor Who – The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor – December 25th, 2013 *spoiler alert* Sorry for this late review you guys, I’m a bit lazy during vacations… But I’m back with a review of the Christmas special episode of Doctor Who “The time of the Doctor”! Like always, this is my opinion so if […]

Trailer The Day of the Doctor

Trailer The Day of the Doctor This saturday, November 23th, 2013, it’s the birthday of the best Doctor ever !! Yes, I’m talking about Doctor Who… Since we, the A-gang (!!), are living in Canada, the episode will be playing at 2:50PM and 7:50PM on Space! And if you have french friends, it’s on the same […]


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