The Truth About Inception’s Ending

The Truth About Inception’s Ending *spoiler alert* I hope you already watched the movie before seeing this clip, because this will blow your mind! If you were still arguing or already lost a friend because of Inception’s ending, this will put an end to the who was right argument and maybe help with some reconciliation. Don’t forget […]

Dancing with Carlton Banks

Dancing with Carlton Banks Fans of Dancing with the Stars, fans of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, come together and watch this most amazing dance of Alfonso Ribiero A.K.A. Carlton Banks! This sure takes us back to the 90’s. When we heard  It’s not unusual from Tom jones, the only thing that come to my mind is […]

Epic Nerf fight

Epic Nerf fight This is what it would look like if Micheal Bay would do a movie with Nerf guns!! Christmas is coming soon people! Just saying.

Moon Animate Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up! Hey fellow A readers, it’s been a while I wrote something huh? Well anyways, i’m here to talk to you about this project that went on between several artist on Tumblr called “Moon Animate Make-Up!“. What is it? Basically a bunch of artist participated in this small fun project and each was […]

Top Songs by Starkid

Top Songs by Starkid If you know them, you know that they are SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT people! If you don’t know them, go watch their musicals right now! Starkid is a group of young people who’s doing hilarious musical numbers! They’ve parodied Harry Potter, Aladdin, Batman and more! They are so famous now that they also did […]

The Space Jam Video Game

The Space Jam Video Game What if one of the best childhood movie make a game out of it? Well, it would be awesome!! Check this awesome work from the Youtuber MkEliteWorksX right up there. He made a Space Jam 2K14 NBA Look-a-like Game!! Here’s the movie trailer just to wake up the nostalgia!

Dragon Ball Z Accoustic Version

Dragon Ball Z Accoustic Version If I tell you this 3 words, what is the first thing you thing? CHALA HEAD CHALA!!! The song was created in 1989 by japanese singer Hironobu Kageyama. It was used for 200 episodes and 9 movies. It’s THE theme song of Dragon Ball Z. THE ORIGINAL theme song. So full of memories! […]

Lara Croft Fan Film

If you have played the Tomb Raider game before, you will love that fan film. You get actions, awesome fight scene and nice special effects. This Lara croft is as bad to the bone than in the game, you don’t want to mess with her. She got the instinct of a survivor. The Croft team won […]

YouTube Rewind 2013

YouTube Rewind 2013 Hey guys! So it’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014! Last year Youtube did a whole recap of the year 2012 with their Rewind YouTube style 2012 and now they are at it again! Voilà peeps, did your favorite youtubers make the cut? Find […]

Mario Trivia

Mario Trivia Let’s play a little game! Mario Bros. is one of the most iconic character in the video games history. After more than 2 decades of existence everyone one knows the name but do you really know him?? Try to answer this trivia. Tell us if your a Mario guru or you learned new […]

First person Sonic

First person Sonic Ever wondered how does Sonic the Hedgehog see? We always see him on the side but what if we could see what he sees! Machinima created a great footage that shows us exactly Sonic front view. Watch it up there!

What we can learn from the movies

What we can learn from the movies In every movie, we can learn something. Watch up there, what Buzzfeed think about some of our classicals movies! My favorite movie is Star Wars and I learn that we must never lose hope and we have to control ourself.

Channing Tatum EPIC split. An EPIC Jean-Claude Van Damme parody!

We’ve all seen the EPIC split of Van Damme in the commercial of Volvo.After the attempt of Rob Ford, on the set of 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum attempted the same epic split. It’s hilarious! Watch the original with Jean-Claude Van Damme down there if you didn’t see it yet. Or just watch it again!

The BIG Tom Hanks

The BIG Tom Hanks I was exploring the internet and I lost myself. But by being lost I found this little gem. Tom Hanks playing the BIG piano was so awesome! Especially when Sandra Bullock did the Chopstick with him. It reminds me of the movie he did in 1988, BIG. Here is the amazing scene of […]

History of Thor

History of Thor Thor: The Dark World is coming out today (friday, nov. 8th)!! For the people who was hibernating since…….. forever! Here is a very cool video of the history of the God of Thunder. Thor first appearance in the Marvel universe was in 1950 in Venus #11 and on his own comic in 1962 in Journey […]


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