Christmas 2013 – Best Christmas gifts for a Geek: The accessories edition

We all have a geek in our entourage. Sometimes more than one… Sometimes you are the only one. Being a geek is a great thing, especially for all the amazing geek things you can find. But for some “non-geek” people out there, it is hard to find the perfect Christmas gift your geek friend/lover/sister/brother/etc.


To add a little geek touch to ordinary clothes is to wear accessories! A little necklace, a ring, a patch, whatever you like!! I am going to show things for guys too, but it will be a bit harder… But it is an accepted challenge with myself…
Don’t forget to click on the name title to see where you can buy it!

Ok, I am not going to lie, it is pretty expensive. It is $67.66 (CAN), but it is in sterling silver, so it’s good quality. Perfect gift for the girlfriend/friend who is in love with Loki ! (Because let’s face it, everybody loves him.) Plus, check this person etsy page, it’s all geek and pretty stuff !

Ok, this girl’s stuff is amazing!! It was hard to only choose 1 thing to put in the article, because everything she does is perfect!! Perfect for best friends or even sisters/brothers! I would totally take the C3PO one… He’s my favorite character in Star Wars…

Bow tie made from Batman fabric
Let’s not forget our men!! This is the perfect gift for the geek who adore Batman!! I am not a huge fan of ties with geek patterns, but I personnaly think a bowtie is cute and can look chic even with Batman on it. Perfect for Christmas and New year party!

Comic Book earrings
Lovely earrings and really cheap too. It is nice to give a little “geeky” touch to a simple outfit! So for all the comic book geek out there, it is a great gift idea!! Plus I really like the 2 different colors!

 Game of thrones scarves
Perfect for the season!! Accessories aren’t only jewellery! It can also be some snuggly scarves! So for all the Game of Thrones fans out there, you are welcomed!! (There’s only the Stark or the Targaryen)

8-Bit sunglasses
How awesome are those sunglasses?!! If I didn’t had glasses on all the time, I would definitely buy them. We all need sunglasses for keeping our eyes in good health (yes this is true…) so why need staying “healthy” with those?! Again, they are really cheap.

8-Bit hair bow
SO CUTE. THIS IS JUST SOOO CUTE. I really want this!! Again, give a little geek touch to a simple outfit. And hair bows are always nice to have.

Equation watch
Hey, there’s different types of geek! So for all the maths nerds out there, this watch is for yo ! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t remember what time it is with it… I’m not good in maths at all… Anyway, you can buy it for only 30$!

This is it for the accessories!! I’ve tried to put as much accessories for woman and for man, but it is pretty hard… Hopefully it did help you to find a great gift for a loved one, a family member or even a good friend!!

Camm’s out !!

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