Christmas 2014 – 10 Gifts for TV shows addict

There’s still a little bit of time to get gifts for your close friends.

You all know, if you’ve been reading us for a while now, we loooooove TV series. We are ADDICTED! And if you have a friend that is like us, you will find this article super useful.

Scroll down to see 10 gifts ideas for a TV series addict.

1. The Walking Dead cast 11×14 reprint signed poster

The Walking Dead Poster Signed

The Walking Dead is known as one of the most popular tv series right now. I’m sure there’s at least one of your friend that loves this show. So why not give him/her a signed copy of this show? It’s an awesome gift idea that he/she can put it up on their wall.

2. Where’s the Doctor?

Doctor Who Where's the Doctor

Doctor Who have gone through time but never gets old. Buying this Where’s the Doctor will be a fun time to waste on it. Your friend will gladly accept that gift, i’m sure 😉 Meanwhile, is there a Doctor on this image above :O ?

3. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Limited Edition 2014 Barrel

Breaking Bad Boxset Limited Edition Collection Complete Series

If the person is a TV series addict, Breaking Bad is surely on their wishlist. This collector’s edition boxset is epic for people that likes awesome stuffs. It’s a great decoration for your home, it will stand out, everyone will see it and will be amazed!

4. Arrow Wall Calendar (2015)

Arrow Calendar 2015

Your friend is someone that is always lost in time and doesn’t find a way to keep track of dates AND it’s a big fan of Arrow or even Stephen Amell, this is the ideal gift idea for this person. A 2015 Arrow calendar. What’s more motivating than seeing days pass by, by seeing your favourite Arrow characters everyday.

5. Once Upon A Time 2 Sides 20X30 Inch Zippered Soft Cotton Pillow Covers

Once Upon A Time Pillow Case

Sleep well, people. Dreaming about fairy tales isn’t something unusual. Why not just sleep on it. You have a friend that’s always daydreaming and love Once Upon A time? A pillow case of this TV serie is a must!

6. Game Of Thrones: Playing Cards

Game of thrones Card Game

You know you always throw parties or you are the one that always bring games to entertain your friend or your family? This is an awesome gift idea to put on your wishlist or even to give to someone like that. A Game of Thrones’ card deck with your favorite characters. You can be sure that George R. R. Martin won’t be able to kill those if you hide them in a good place.

7. The Big Bang Theory CLUE Board Game

The Big Bang Theory Clue Board Game

The gang of The Big Bang Theory is a terrific group of geek friends. Who is more suitable to murder someone, you think? Buy it for a friend and find out by playing with them!

8. Dean vinyl figure

Supernatural Dean Pop Figure

Pop Figure’s popularity escalated so quickly these last years. You can’t miss the one from Supernatural. And obviously there’s one of Sam too, duh. But no Castiel though :(… All fans from this popular TV series would love that cute miniature badass brothers!

9. Orange is the New Black Soundtrack

Orange is the new black Soundtrack

This show has so much to give, can’t wait for the new season! It is super entertaining, the story are well writing and the characters are really appealing. Not only that, they have an awesome Orange is the New Black soundtrack. If your friend or family is a fan, I would totally recommend you to get that.

10. The Vampire Diaries Jewelries

The Vampire Diaries Elena Necklace The Vampire Diaries Damon Ring

Elena and Damon forever! <3 If your friend is dating someone, or you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, these The Vampire Diaries’ gift ideas are awesome. You get to play Elena or Damon with those symbolic jewelries. Plus, they will either be immune to vampire compulsion or can walk in the sun with a sexy look.

Good luck finding something cool for your friends and family, and I hope I help you guys a bit. Do you have any other gift ideas? I would like to hear you. It will appear on next year wishlist for sure!

Stay tuned for other gift ideas posts!


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