Christmas 2014 – 12 Gifts for movie lovers

After TV series, movies are another of our addiction! Instead of just buying a Bluray or a DVD of the best blockbuster of the year, try to go further. Check a goodies that is movie related! It will be super original.

Check out down there, 12 gifts ideas for movie lovers !


1. Harry Potter Chess

Harry Potter Chess Board

A board game is always winner, but a Harry Potter‘s board game is so much better! Challenge your friends to a big wizard dual. Buy this awesome chess board.

2. Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-ray)

Star Wars Complete Series Bluray

The complete saga of Star Wars will light up the holiday spirit of the young ones or even the older ones. Like Marshall well said on an episode of How I Met Your Mother :

She’s never seen Star Wars? Ted the only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that’s cause they lived them Ted, that’s cause they lived the Star Wars.

So for the ones that you know didn’t watch this yet, do them a favor.

3. Harry Potter Complete Eight-Film Collection

Harry Potter Complete Series Bluray

Exceptionally, I’ve added a second Harry Potter gift because this one is a super deal! Get the complete Blu-ray collection for so cheap! But to see your Harry Potter fan friend happy, that is priceless!

4. Wall-E Macbook Stickers Vinyl decal

Wall-E decal mac

For the ones that own a macbook, or will own, this Wall-E vinyl decal is very cute! Get them this!

5. Mike Droidowski Case

Monster Inc Mike iPhone Case

In the same line of Apple like the one above, try a phone case with a version of the Android and Mike Wazowski from the Monster Inc. movie for iPhone’s owner. How ironic, don’t you think 😛 ?

6. Pixar Minimalist Vintage Poster

Pixar Minimalist Posters

Your friend or a family is missing nice posters at their places? Here’s the solution, get the Pixar minimalist posters now! It will bring life to the room for sure. Awesome arts!

7. The Hunger Games Necklace Pocket Watch

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pocket Necklace

Hunger games: The Mockingjay Part 1 was just released recently into theaters and it is still fresh on our minds. We are all with Katniss and the rebellion! Let’s support her and get this awesome pocket watch!

8. Fight Club Rules 24″x36″ Art Print Poster

Fight Club Rules Poster

There’s only one rule. Do you know it? You all should know it. Or just get this cool poster for a reminder. But remind yourself, just do not talk about the Fight Club.

9. Bubba Gump Hat Forrest Gump

Forrest gump bubba hat

Your friend is a movie cosplay addict? This Bubba Gump hat from the movie Forrest Gump is an awesome gift idea! But if you know someone that never got emotional over this movie, you’re dead inside. Really. But otherwise, this hat is cool and vintage 😛

10. Back To The Future Print Set

Back To The Future Delorean Poster Set

2015 is the hoverboard year! While waiting, just get this awesome poster set of the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future.

11. Rocket and Groot statue

Rocket Groot Statue Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is the best blockbuster movie of the year right? Celebrate this by giving a fan something they are worth for, a badass team Rocket and Groot statue!

12. Hobbit Lord of the Ring Vinyl Record Clock

Hobbit Lord of the Ring Vinyl Clock

Life itself is a long journey. Why not have this journey with the Lord of the Ring people? Get them this very nice vinyl clock.


If you already have your gifts for this year, you can just bookmark this page and keep it as a wishlist. Any of these gifts for a movie lover are great! You cannot disappointed someone with that.

What else do you think should be in this list?

Keep coming to our blog! There are more gifts ideas or holiday goodies to come!

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