Glee put up a touching tribute video for Cory Monteith. Watch it up there! You can see some awesome moments with Finn on the show.


Every time I see Finn/Cory somewhere or hear one of his song, I just get a little emotional. Like sad feelings for someone I know… Weird no?

So the cast started filming season 5 since August 1st. It has to be so hard for them to be there but in the same time, reassuring, because they are all back together to support each other in this hard time. Especially, support Lea. She seems to be a strong woman though (ref to the TCA speech :( ).

If you don’t know yet, there will be a tribute episode to Cory. Apparently they will make Finn die but not from drug abuse. I REALLY hope that they will make something up that will pay respect to Finn/Cory and don’t make it awkward. I was skeptic in the beginning when I read somewhere that they will make Finn die from drugs… but with his story, from season 1 to 4, it wouldn’t make any sense. Even though if they come up with a story saying that he was taking it secretly… it wouldn’t make any sense to me.

Anyways, can’t wait to see what they come up with :O !

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