Disney Villain Perfume Bottle Design

A Pixiv artist created a wonderful collection of perfume bottles design inspired by Disney Villains. Are they real? Nope. Do still want them? YES PLEASE!


If one day they are selling those, I would definitely buy them all like my wish to buy all the Pop Figurines!

Awesome huh? Which one would YOU pick?

disney-perfume-01 disney-perfume-02 disney-perfume-03 disney-perfume-04 disney-perfume-05 disney-perfume-06 disney-perfume-07 disney-perfume-08 disney-perfume-09 disney-perfume-10 disney-perfume-11 disney-perfume-12 disney-perfume-13 disney-perfume-14 disney-perfume-15 disney-perfume-16 disney-perfume-17 disney-perfume-18 disney-perfume-19

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