Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Time of the Doctor – December 25th, 2013

*spoiler alert*


Sorry for this late review you guys, I’m a bit lazy during vacations… But I’m back with a review of the Christmas special episode of Doctor Who “The time of the Doctor”! Like always, this is my opinion so if you don’t agree with what I’m writing, let me know in the comments below so I can see your point!

Like most of you reading, you must know that Matt Smith is quitting the show to let place for a new Doctor, the 12th Doctor, Mr. Peter Capaldi. Am I happy with the choice of actor? I can’t decide yet! We haven’t seen him in his full Doctor attire and Doctor “craziness”! So I will not act like a little child and cry my whole life because Matt is gone, but I do have to say that I am sad. I did loved Matt very much and he made me discover all the magic of this wonderful TV show… Enough with my emotions now!

The whole show was pretty good… I just, unluckily, don’t have anything to say about it… And it goes for the good and for the bad! I just feel like it wasn’t as awesome as some other Doctor Who specials or even normal episodes…I just think that, after “The day of the Doctor”, I was slightly unimpressed… Like it was missing something… But I can’t put my finger on what the something is…I’m thinking that because of the trailers, I was expecting an episode over the top with all the bad guys running after the Doctor, and it wasn’t quite like that… Anyways.


Am I the only one who was super sad when we saw the “old” Doctor? And the only one who was confuse as hell… I mean… isn’t he suppose not to get old… That is the whole point of the regeneration… I might be wrong, and if I am, thank you for telling me !! But I was just… confuse… and all the episode I was confuse

Since I don’t have much to write about, I will go to the big, juicy part of the episode, the whole regeneration! First of all, the Doctor speech was really nice. Not too sad, but not boring either. Just really nicely done. Good job on that! And when we see Amy, I might had scream like a little girl inside. Plus they both had wigs, so I imagine a wig party… I might be weird sometimes…Let’s cut this part with a picture!

The moment we all cry. Yes, we all did. Stop lying.

So, the regeneration. Gosh, it is a long word to write… Re-ge-ne-ra-tion… Ok, focus. Hummm, it was… quick? Like… waaaay too quick... I’m use to a slower one, just like Christopher or David…But wow, ok. And I’ve seen a lot of people complain about this too, so I am not alone!

Oh, ok, hi Peter.

It is the end of an era, but a new beginning! Like I wrote in the top, “Am I sad?” yes, but as a fan of the serie, I can’t wait to see how Peter is going to be, and I’m sure I’m going to like it ! Just like when David Tennant let his place to Matt, whovians will get over it and enjoy watching Doctor Who, like they’ve always did. But let me tell you that I can’t wait to see “fans” b*tch about the fact that Peter is old and not as handsome as Matt (call me mean, I don’t care, I love drama in fandoms!)

We did have good times and memories with Matt, and bowties will always be cool!

I didn’t really wanted to make an super emotional article since I was trying to make a review, which didn’t really worked since I didn’t had much to say… But I did hope you like it! Oh and normally I try to give notes for the thing I’m reviewing, but since it was a special episode and the departure of Matt Smith, I am not going to give one because I don’t really have one in mind…

So this was it for my “review” of The time of the Doctor, and I’ll come back with other review and other original articles for you guys soon, so don’t worry! And if you didn’t worry, well… Don’t worry anyway!

Camm is officially OUT!


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