Dragon Ball Multiverse

I’m really HUGE fan of Dragon Ball!!! Goku is the best character of all time. Stronger than Superman!! (YES! YES I DID JUST SAY THAT!) Since the day that Dragon Ball Z and GT finished, I always dreamt that the series would continue.

In the new movie, Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods, it was said that there are other universes than the one of the Z fighter. That opens A LOT of door to a sequel of the anime/manga.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Son Goku didn’t hit his head when he was a baby? If Cell won against Gohan? Who would win in battle, Vegetto or Broly? Some fans from France, Gogeta Jr and Salagir, invented the sequel of DBZ 5 years ago. All the story that you ever wondered would happen, had happened. They regroup all of of the most powerful being in each universe to compete in a tournament.

Here are the contestants of all the universe.Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_01

If you want more, go to their website and go read all of their chapters. You can read them in any language you want, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean and much more. A new page comes out every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 20:00 GMT.
During a special chapter, there is one more page on Monday.

But for now, I will give you a little preview (read left to right).

Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_02Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_03 Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_04 Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_05Dragon_Ball_Multiverse_06

What do you think?

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