Fall 2014 in TV Shows

If you are just like us, you just CAN’T wait any longer for your favorite shows to begin! We miss them and we love them. But for now, while we are all waiting, here’s a look of what we can expect for their new season coming this fall.

*spoiler alert*

1- New Girl (Season 4) NewGirl

Next season will begin with a wedding and Jessica Biel as a guest star, but our question is: Are Jess and Nick getting back together? Because for now, it’s the only thing that matters! So, we wait…

Watch the season premiere on September 16th on FOX

2 -The Mindy Project (Season 3) Mindy

After the beautiful kiss that Danny and Mindy exchange at the top of the Empire State Building, we can just see happiness for the next season! They’ve already broke up in season 2, so I hope that’s not going to happen again. I want to see their relationship grow!

Watch the season premiere on September 16th on FOX

3 -The Good Wife (Season 6) TGW

Is Alicia going to be even bigger in the company? And, since Will is sadly dead now (What a shock right? I still can’t believe it!) we can only hope good things for her, but we all know that’s not how this show runs…Maybe we’ll see more of Peter. Who knows?

Watch the season premiere on September 21st on CBS

4 -The Big Bang Theory (Season 8) TBBT

Penny is having big changes and especially with her work. We hope that’s not going to change anything with Leonard. They are engaged remember? And we will see more of Sheldon and Amy for sure! But first, we need him to come back!

Watch the season premiers on September 22nd on CBS

5 – Sleepy Hollow (Season 2) SH

Last season, Ichabod was buried alive and Abbie was in purgatory. So, for the second one, we will excpect more action, more romance, more creatures, more badass scenes between Abbie and Ichabod! Well, it’s going to be war!

Watch the season premiere on September 22nd on FOX

6 – Modern Family (Season 6) MondernF

Mitch and Cam are finally married! It wasn’t easy, but they did it! Maybe we’ll going to see a new baby boy around? Also, Steve Zahn is going to play Ronnie, the new not-that-charming neighbour of the Dunphy’s. I think, for a TV show that won awards almost every year, we don’t have to be scared for next season.

Watch the season premiere on September 24th on ABC

7 – Greys Anatomy (Season 11) GreysA

With Cristina gone, the dynamic is not the same now. We miss her so much and we all know that Meredith is missing her the most. Apparently, this season will focus more on Doctor Grey, but the others are not left behind. Alex and Bailey will fight for Yang’s board seat, Callie and Arizona will make a decision about surrogacy and Derek wants to move to Washington. Take a breath, it’s going to be some rollercoaster!

Watch the season premiere on September 25th on ABC

8 – Scandal (Season 4) Scandal

The only thing we have in mind is: WHERE THE HELL IS OLIVIA POPE? We just can’t wait to see what happened to those Gladiators in suits. Are they still working together? But without Olivia it seems impossible. Also, one of them is dead and apparently it’s going to have big affect on the group, especially Abby. Take your bottle of red wine and enjoy the first episode!

Watch the season premiere on September 25th on ABC

9 – Once Upon a Time (Season 4) OUAT

It was all fine at the end of season 3, but of course, Emma and Hook (before that beautiful kiss) bring back someone from the past to Storybrooke. Well…not only one…two people from the past. At least that’s what we know. With Frozen in it, it’s going to be very interesting. Is Elsa a villain? Is Anna with them in Storybrook? Well, will see more about many characters’ past and we just can’t wait anymore to watch it!

Watch the season premiere on September 28th on ABC

10 – Brooklyn Nine-nine (Season 2) B99

After laughing our ass off last year, it’s almost time to do it again with this second season! More special guests appearances, more craziness and more laughing! Will Peralta and Siantago finally date? I WISH!

Watch the season premiere on September 28th on FOX

11 – Revenge (Season 4) Revenge

Conrad is dead, Victoria is with the crazy, Daniel may be in jail and Emily is finally happy. Her revenge is maybe done, but the revenge of Victoria is not! She’s going to go after Emily like nobody ever will! The war is on!

Watch the season premiere on September 29th on ABC

12 – The Vampire Diaries (Season 6) TVD

Are Bonnie and Damon dead? Oh god! Hope not! Alaric is back now and need a love interest, Stefan and Caroline need to have an intense make-out scene and Elena is a little bit boring. But, with old characters going back to the show, this season need to be better! Let’s go guys! More Vampire, blood, murder, action!

Watch the season premiere on October 2nd on CW

13 – The Originals (Season 2) Orig

The Season 2 Trailer looks epic! Hayley is now an hybrid and she is a mom! To protect little Hope, daddy Klaus fake her death and sent her to Rebekah! Is she back for good? I hope so! Davina will also be more badass and she’s going to have a new love interest. Klaus is ready to do anything to take back its town, but first, which parents will they kill first?

Watch the season premiere on October 6th on CW

14 – Supernatural (Season 10) Supern

Dean and Sam are now apart and they have some problems (as usual)! One of them is just that…Dean is being a demon! If you watch the promo, we can see that the first episode will be a little more funny and less dramatic or scary. Even in the dark side, Dean always find his way to have fun. After the toxic relationship they had in season 9, we hope to see the Winchester back together like before. Well…if Sam can bring back his old brother in time!

Watch the season premiere on October 7th on CW

15 – Arrow (Season 3) Arrow

Action, suspense, romance, drama! This season will be amazing! With Deathstrock as the new villain, we just can’t handle it! Oliver past is more mysterious then we thought and we don’t want him to let the dark control him. What is interesting is that Felicity is going to have a whole episode just for her. So now, while we are waiting, my question for you is: Do you think Oliver have failed the city?

Watch the season premiere on October 8th on CW

16 – American Horror Story: Freak Show AHS FS

I think that this one is going to be fascinating and scary as hell! We really can’t wait to see it. Last season was not the better of the series, so we hope that we get more of it this year. Let’s the creeps begin!

Watch the season premiere on October 8th on FX

17 -The Walking Dead (Season 5) TWD

My biggest question is: Are they gonna kill Glenn? Are they gonna follow the comics or the fans wishes? After the prison and the Terminus, our survivors are still running and fighting for their lives. When it’s not about zombies, it about an other group of survivors! Well, if I can say something: I WANT MORE ZOMBIES IN SEASON 5!

Watch the season premiere on October 12th on AMC

18 -The 100 (Season 2) 100

So, when we left season one, people on the Ark were returning to Earth and the relationship (If we can say this) between the Grounders and the 100 was just ugly as hell! War, war, war! And what about Clarke as prisonner? Where is she? We want to know more about this and i’m sure that season 2 is going to be about that new place. Oh and…we want Clarke and Bellamy together!

Watch the season premiere on October 22nd on CW

19 – Grimm (Season 3) Grimm

Is Nick going to recover his power? If yes, there’s probably a price for that and it’s not going to be pretty. What will happen to the captain? I don’t think he will die, but something will change forever. Well, it was a nice way to end a wedding…

Watch the season premiere on October 24th on NBC

20 – Elementary (Season 3) Elem

Apparently, we’re going to catch up the series one year later. Sherlock was in London for all this time working for the British MI6 spy agency and Joan has moved out of Brownstone. With all the things that happened last season, we wonder if Holmes’ will go down on the heroin addiction again. Well, we hope that Watson and Sherlock will be partner again…and more of course! Who wouldn’t ship them!

Watch the season premiere on October 30th on CBS

So, which of these TV shows have you missed the most? Tell us below!

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