Fanmade movie – Wonder Woman

I’m not a big fan of Wonder Woman, but I can say that these fanmade short movies were cool to watch!

The first one was cool but not really realistic. Ok I know, she’s just a fictional character but since when Wonder Woman can be capture by humans? NO! She’s freaking Wonder Woman, one of the most powerful DC character. She can punch Superman and make him fly 500 feet off the ground. Nevertheless, the visual effect and the stunt were good. If this were made has a movie, I would probably go see it.

As for this one, I love it! There is no dialogue but only music. It takes place in a city and on the island of Themyscira, where Diana/Wonder Woman came from. The visual effect is awesome! I love the scene with the giant. This Wonder Woman is more true to the DC universe that we already know. She can stop bullet, got her lasso and she can fly.

If a movie about was to come out, are you going to see it?

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