Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Date

Hello there fellow A readers! The moment we all have been waiting for (well anyone who is cool that is) Game of Thrones season 4 is coming our way! Let’s take a moment and celebrate shall we?

The beloved HBO series will be back on air April 6th at 9pm. Can’t wait that long? Well the people over at HBO knows how much we’ve waited and waited and waited…..AND WAITED for season 4 to start. So this sunday (jan 12th) we get our first glimpse of what the latest season has in store for us. So tune in at this sunday at 8:58pm ET on HBO right before their their show True Detective for the trailer!


PLUS they have released teasers through Vines!!!

Man am I happy! So till then, let’s refresh our memories with how season 3 ended…….NO WAIT STOP DON’T, BIG MISTAKE! TOO MANY FEELS! NOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYY! *cries*

Anyways till next time, this is Jessica signing out! Come on season 4, bring it on!!

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