Sweet Dreams – April 18, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*
Review from [ Clau ] and [ Steph ]

Too much Harlem Shake in the beginning of the episode lol XDglee_s04e19-01 glee_s04e19-02

Woohoo Puck is back with a beautiful smile 😀glee_s04e19-03

This woman is hilarious! But we still miss Sue :(glee_s04e19-04

Marley : “Hi Tina, Are you trying out a new look?”
Tina : “It’s called Steam Punk, it’s the next big thing.”glee_s04e19-05

Sam VS twin Evans, that was so funny hahaha!glee_s04e19-06

Mr Schue was a bitch on the beginning of the episode… Being all bossy…glee_s04e19-07

Puck was epic lol!glee_s04e19-08

Shelby’s back! And mention Beth lol (i hope you guys remember who Beth was :P). They regain surface like once in a whiiiiiile… Where’s Quinn!?glee_s04e19-09

Marley wanted them to sing together a song that she wrote. And suddenly, after handing the music sheet, everybody seem to know everything already. Glee logic 😛glee_s04e19-16

I did like Finchell this time <3 Rachel look like season1-rachel a bit more in this episode. Looking for stardom and narrating her day lolglee_s04e19-10

Nostalgia <3 glee_s04e19-11

Here’s the original one :
Baby Kurt haha <3

Becky to Blaine : “Mind your own gay business, gay Blaine!”glee_s04e19-12

Yay Mr Schue and Finn making peace :)glee_s04e19-13

We like the concept of a final song in each episode :)glee_s04e19-14

We laughed so hard at this hahaha!!

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