Glee Season 5 Episode 10

Trio – March 3rd, 2014

*spoiler alert*

So here’s what you missed on Glee! Last week’s episode starts with Will and Emma hurrying to do the deed because they are trying to get pregnant! Unfortunately for them, they do it in the faculty bathroom and get caught by Becky. Which of course leads to an hilarious scene of all of them in Sue‘s office where the couple tries to explain why they did it at school.

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While this try might not have been successful, another one was because we find out at the end of the episode that Emma is pregnant!!

glee_s5e10_3 glee_s5e10_2

In other McKinley news, as graduation is coming real fast, the seniors decide to do an overnight lock-in so that they can remember this moment for the rest of their lives. Of course, Sue doesn’t approve of this idea which leads to an hilarious scene of Tina crying on the floor, while Sam and Blaine decides that the three of them should still do the lock-in.


And so the three of them break into the school later that night (followed by Becky) and do a lot of random things like having races in the hallways with rolling chairs and fire extinguisher, dressing up in Cheerios outfits and playing Twister with Becky. Oh and Sam and Tina also ends up kissing which makes Blaine really mad (what was up with that “dramatic” run he did? that was hilarious). Of course, they manage to patch things up by the end of the episode.

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On the NYC side, the feud continues between Santana and Rachel and Elliot a.k.a. Starchild kinda gets stuck in the middle as both girls wants him on their side. Since Rachel is now living with Elliot, she expects him to suddenly become her new BFF, while Santana calls him a traitor for helping Rachel out. And this all leads to them performing “Gloria” at the Spotlight Diner, while Santana and Rachel fights for Elliot’s attention.

Kurt, being tired of this whole diva fight, decides to kick Rachel and Santana out of the Pamela Lansbury band and form a new band with Elliot and Dani called “One Three Hill” (aaah Glee writers, you are oh so clever). Seeing the trio perform without them does seem to spark something inside of Rachel and Santana, because they do manage to have a civil conversation later in the episode where Santana explains that Rachel would have done the same thing she did if the roles were reverse. However, the episode does end without them fully resolving the conflict.

glee_s5e10_6glee_s5e10_7 glee_s5e10_8 glee_s5e10_5 glee_s5e10_4

On a sad note, this was probably Demi Lovato‘s last episode as she is currently super busy being on tour. Therefore, here is her (probably) last performance on the show because she’s super adorable in it.

And also RIP Dantana. :(


Oh and another tiny little detail, I loved that Santana has a huge poster of herself from the Yeast-I-Stat commercial in her room. That was hilarious.


Overall, I thought this episode was pretty hilarious and at least it continued the feud between Santana and Rachel really well.

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