Glee Season 5 Episode 12

100 – March 18th, 2014

The latest episode of Glee was the show’s 100th episode and it did not disappoint (well maybe on one little tidbit but I’ll get back to that later)! The episode begins with all of the old gang back at McKinley to celebrate one last time what the Glee Club meant to all of them. Mr. Shue gives all of the kids one final assignment: to sing a song they already did by reinventing it. And so Will starts the assignment off by singing “Raise Your Glass” with April Rhodes, who comes back to try to save the Glee Club again.

With all the old gang back in high school, I think it was pretty obvious that we also had to expect that some of the high school drama would be back. Which is why Rachel and Mercedes have a diva off to settle once and for all who is the true star of the Glee Club. Which of course ends up with both of them realizing that they are both great in different ways. I think the best part of this subplot was that we got another episode of “Fondue for Two“, which had a tiny joke about Amber Riley winning Dancing With The Stars.

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And another part that was pretty obvious that we would be getting in this episode was all the old high school couples getting back together. First, we have Puck and Quinn, who comes back with a pretty douchey boyfriend named Biff Macintosh played by Chace Crowford. While Quinn tries to ignore and hide her past from her current boyfriend, Puck sings “Keep Holding On” to her to show her that her past made her who she is now and that all her friends love her for who she is.


Quinn then decides to finally talk about her past with Biff, who calls her names for being a teen mom, which creates a fight between Biff and Puck. Finally, Quinn and Puck have one last scene together in the football locker room where Puck calls her his soulmate and Quinn decides that they should be together again.

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Another high school couple that had a lot of scenes together was Brittany and Santana. Since going to MIT, all Brittany has been doing is solve math problems (right…) and she kinda lost touch with her old self that loved to dance. Which is why Santana decides that they should revive the Unholy Trinity, hoping that it will cheer Brittany up.


Since their first number together didn’t seem to have any effect on Brittany’s mood, Santana decides to sing “Valerie” to her, which forces Brittany to get up and dance with Santana.

This then leads to another scene where Santana explains to Brittany that she shouldn’t be stuck in a math lab, she should be out there going to concerts and dating. Which prompts Brittany to kiss Santana and tell her that they should be together again. (which I’m pretty sure will happen in the next episode even if Santana is still with Dani)

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While these couples getting back together is kinda cute, I’m still disappointed by all of this. These are 19 years old kids talking about finding their soulmates and having seen the world and knowing they belong together. Which all just feels ridiculous to me since in Glee world, the last time they all saw each other was 3-4 months ago tops (and no Brittany being at MIT doesn’t mean you “saw the world”). And while this is a TV show, all these high school couples staying together just doesn’t feel realistic.

Now enough about the high school couples! Another major guest star was back for this episode and this is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday! While Holly didn’t have much to do in this episode, here’s to hoping that she’ll be more present in the next episode where she’ll try to bring the Glee Club back with April’s help!

glee_s5e12_15 glee_s5e12_06

And let’s also not forget the really touching finale scene where Will shows the kids the final resting places of Finn and the old Glee Club director’s plaques.

glee_s5e12_05 glee_s5e12_09 glee_s5e12_10 glee_s5e12_08 glee_s5e12_07

Overall, this episode was really great and it was fun to see the old gang back together. Don’t forget to watch the next episode which is the second part of the 100th episode celebration.

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