Glee Season 5 Episode 13

New Directions – March 25th, 2014

“We all have more songs to sing, we just can’t sing them in here anymore.”
The 100th episode celebration continued in the latest Glee episode, which means that all our favourites were there again for the whole episode!

While still trying to save the Glee club, Holly uses her friendship with Sue to try to save the club by shoehorning music numbers into regular classes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work and Will is left devastated over the news. Holly then gets Artie‘s help to create a project to try to cheer Will up.

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Following the kids’ storyline, Tina finally gets her acceptance letter from Brown University, which means that she’ll probably be able to go to NYC to visit all the others at some point during the rest of the season. Then again, Quinn is even closer since she’s at Yale and she almost never showed up there so we never know!


Either way, before getting her acceptance letter, Tina gets hit on the head by Sam while cleaning up the choir room, which leads to her dreaming of everybody living together in NYC like in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which was completely random, but funny.

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This was also the episode where the seniors finally graduate (and yes that includes Brittany thanks to Santana and Sue), which means that the rest of the season will take place in NYC.


As a final farewell to the Glee club, all the kids create a really touching video (Holly’s idea) for Will and Emma’s baby to let him or her know how much Will was important in their life.

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And of course, they all end up singing “Don’t Stop Believin” again.

Which then leads to a scene with Will and Sue, where Sue let’s him know that while the McKinley Glee club is over, she got him an interview to become Vocal Adrenaline’s coach. Will then stays in the choir room alone one last time to think about his future choices and the Glee kids. Voice-overs of the Glee kids are heard and the episode ends with a quote from Finn and Will exiting the choir room. This whole scene felt like it could have been a series finale and I really really liked it. It almost brought me to tears.


The one thing that I really didn’t like about this episode though is basically anything to do with Santana. I felt like this episode pretty much destroyed all the progression she went through this season. I liked her relationship with Dani and I really like seeing scared and nervous Santana when she first talked to Dani. But in this episode, Santana was already back with Brittany and asking her to come live with her in New York and we didn’t even get a Dani mention. So really what was the point of getting Demi Lovato as a guest star in the first place if you are just going to dismiss her character like that? Better yet, why put Brittany and Santana back together if Heather Morris won’t be able to come back for the rest of the season? (as far as I know, we didn’t get any confirmation of her coming back) While I also don’t really like that Puck and Quinn are together, at least for these two, it works a bit better since we’ll probably won’t see them that often again, compare to Santana who is still a regular character.

glee_s5e13_13 glee_s5e13_16

We are also suppose to believe that Santana chose to try out for Funny Girl because she has no heart and she’s just not a nice person? I feel like the writers forgot about all the times where we actually saw Santana caring for other people. Let’s all not forget that she was the only one there for Rachel during her pregnancy scare and with the whole Brody thing. Oh and she also called Rachel and Kurt her family at least two times.

glee_s05e13_21 glee_s05e13_22glee_s05e13_23 glee_s05e13_24
Santana “has no heart” Lopez, right…

And now she just doesn’t want to do Funny Girl anymore because she’s too lazy for Broadway? Just character regression all around. At least the Rachel and Santana friendship is back and their duet was super adorable.

What did you all think of this episode?

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