Glee Season 5 Episode 2

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds – October 3rd, 2013

*spoiler alert*

The Beatlemania continued in Glee’s second episode of season 5. I have to admit that I liked this episode much more than the first one, because the storyline didn’t seem as rushed as the premiere and they didn’t try to fit as many songs in this one. And let’s not forget that this was Demi Lovato‘s first episode!

This time, the episode begins on the McKinley side where the kids are getting ready for Prom. In the running for Prom King, we have Blaine, Artie, Stoner Brett and some other random guy. For Prom Queen, there’s Tina, Kitty and two other Cheerios (hey we finally learned the name of the neckbrace Cheerio! Seriously what did that girl do to her neck for her to stay in that thing so long?). Tina is pretty excited about the news and decides that this is her moment to be “bigger than Jesus” and starts singing a song, which, of course, she doesn’t get to finish because the bell rings and everyone leaves the room.


On the other hand, Sam is pretty depress about not being nominated as Prom King and this starts the really boring storyline about him trying to get the new school nurse as his date for Prom. I seriously don’t get why he liked her so much. There really was nothing special about her. Oh and Sam seriously needs a haircut.

Glee_s05e02-06 Glee_s05e02-07

Back to the Prom Queen storyline, new evil Cheerio Bree is giving Kitty a hard time because Kitty decided to support Tina instead of trying to run as Prom Queen. So while Bree is absolutely annoying and I don’t like her, I have to give credit to new comer Erin Westbrook, because the way she delivers all of Bree’s lines is fantastic. However, can’t say I’m really looking forward to Bree being the “big bad” cheerleader trying to destroy the Glee club during the whole season.


During Prom, it is announced that Tina is Prom Queen. However, Tina’s moment is cut short, because Bree got Dottie to drop a huge bucket of Slushie on Tina. Now I’ve never been a huge Tina fan, but it is impossible to not feel bad for her when you see her standing there on the stage covered in red Slushie and everybody laughing at her.


Thankfully, everything ends well because the whole Glee club sings “Hey Jude” and Kitty gives Tina her dress so Tina can go back to Prom and have her Prom Queen moment. I have to admit I really enjoy those moments when all the Glee club is standing up for one of their own. It seems to happen a lot more with these news kids compare to the old group and I enjoy it a lot.


Saving the best for last, the NYC part of this episode was once again my favourite. It’s been four days and I’m still laughing at Santana‘s YEAST-I-STAT commercial. Seriously, how can you not find this ad hilarious? Because I enjoyed it so much, here it is again:

And it seems that I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed this commercial because real life brand MONISTAT actually did an official press release inviting Santana to be their spokeswoman. Here’s a portion of this press release:

“Santana deserves to represent the best, and MONISTAT® is undoubtedly the leader in the yeast infection treatment category,” said Cassie Hallberg, Brand Director of MONISTAT®. “Our products begin to relieve symptoms four times faster than the leading prescription, and it’s well-documented that Santana knows a thing or two about being fast. It’s a perfect fit.


“Since MONISTAT® is a much simpler treatment process than Yeast-I-Stat, she’ll have fewer lines to remember. Plus, it can’t be a coincidence that one of the most notable singing performances of her high school career was a rendition of ‘Girl on Fire.’ She was born to be the face of our brand, and we’d love nothing more than to make that happen.”


Hallberg went on to note that MONISTAT®would conceivably be willing to sweeten the deal by making Lopez the new host of Box Talk (http://www.grannypanties.org), a roundtable-style talk show currently hosted by Kitty Montgomery.


“Let’s just say we know people, and we could make it happen,” Hallberg insinuated.


MONISTAT® is also reportedly offering Lopez a lifetime supply – or as long as “Glee” is in reruns – of her choice of products if she signs. Whether Lopez prefers the convenient MONISTAT® 1 Combination Pack 1-Day OVULE® with COMPLETE THERAPYTM, the three-dose MONISTAT® 3 Combination Pack 3-Day Cream with CURE & ITCH Relief™, the MONISTAT® 7 Classic Vaginal Cream, best for sensitive women, or any of the brand’s other doctor-recommended products remains to be seen, but MONISTAT® has stated that it’s more than willing to help Lopez stock up – you know, just in case.


Lopez is urged to contact the brand at her earliest convenience to formally discuss the offer.

This episode was also Demi Lovato’s first episode! She plays Dani, Santana’s new love interest and they are adorable. I absolutely loved the first scene where they are talking to each other, because like Rachel said, nervous Santana is super cute.


The only thing I was disappointed with, was that they are already girlfriends at the end of the episode. I personally would have liked to see some kind of build-up to their relationship, but I guess since Demi only has a 6 episodes contract (nooooooooo!), they probably needed to move the storyline along quickly. Here’s to hoping they can extend her contract!

glees05e02-01 glees05e02-02

And finally, the episode ends with Rachel getting the part of Fanny in Funny Girl! Not like anyone is surprise by this, but you go Rachel Berry! I am excited to see how they will handle this storyline. I also had to giggle when Rachel mentionned that Kurt, Santana and her working at the Spotlight Diner is like Smash season 1. Ah!


Favourite lines of the episode:
– “I like yeast in my bagel, but not in my muffin.” – Santana Lopez
– “Hey there, Buttchin! Ah, Samgelina Jolie!” – Sue Sylvester
– “You’re scared! I’ve never seen you scared before! It’s so cute!” – Rachel “Yenta the Lesbian Matchmaker” Berry being my GPOY
– “Why does no one believe me? Oh right. The habitual lying.” – Kitty Wilde

What did you think about the episode?

Don’t forget to take your tissue box with you for the next episode because it will be the Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith Tribute.


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