Glee Season 5 Episode 3 Soundtrack – The Quarterback

Tomorrow will be a big day for the Gleeks. It’s THE tribute episode honoring Cory Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson. Prepare your tissues!

For the occasion, whenever you buy a song or the whole album from Glee S05E03 Soundtrack – The Quarterback, the money will be donated to the Project Limelight charity. How thoughtful is that <3

“Columbia Records and Fox — as well as the artists involved — will donate 100 percent of the net proceeds from music sales from the tribute episode in the U.S. and Canada to Project Limelight, a charity Monteith was heavily involved in.”


I’ll Stand By You is my favourite. It will always remind me of Finn. At the time, I’ve listened to it like a million times. Oh Cory… :(

It is only available for Canadians and Americans though. Here’s the link:

Stay tuned for our review after the episode! Don’t forget to tell us what do you think in the comments section below, our facebook or our twitter with our tagname @aforanything.

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