Glee Season 5 Episode 3

The Quarterback – October 10th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Last night’s episode of Glee was a very special one, because it was the tribute episode for Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson.

The episode began with all the kids (McKinley and New York) singing “Seasons of Love” and you can already tell that this will be a hard episode to watch. All of them are wearing black and they all seem on the verge of crying. Once the song reaches the end, all the kids turn around and face a huge picture of Finn on the football field and this marks the first time of the episode where I felt like crying.


Ryan Murphy mentioned that most of the scenes we saw in the episode was the first take of every performances because the crew and the cast had a hard time filming this episode and it is not hard to believe. In almost every scene, we can see the cast crying. This just makes it even harder to not cry ourselves.

First example of such a scene is at the beginning of the episode when past and current students are all there for the Finn memorial Mr. Shuester planned. He asks them to sing songs that makes them think of Finn. Mercedes starts them off by singing “I’ll Stand by You” and for the second time of the episode in less than 10 minutes, I feel like crying. How can you not when even Mercedes starts crying herself while singing?


If that wasn’t emotional enough, that scene is shortly followed by a scene with Burt, Carole and Kurt packing Finn’s belongings in boxes. Between Burt saying he should have hugged Finn more and Carole’s heart-wrenching speech about how can parents go on when they loose a child, this scene was one of the hardest to watch.


Another good part of the episode was Santana‘s storyline. I absolutely loved seeing her shift of emotions during the whole episode. At the beginning of the episode, she is trying to be strong and not show her emotions, but that facade slowly starts to peel off when she sees the new Cheerios trying to take away the Finn memorial. Santana goes directly to Sue and gives her a verbal (and a bit physical) smackdown. Then, a bit later, it’s Santana’s turn to sing in the choir room and once again she tries to act all tough by hiding behind her bitch remarks. This doesn’t last long, because she starts to cry hysterically and leaves the room (ugh that scream when she leaves). She is then seen in the auditorium where Kurt finds her and she finally talks about how she feels about losing Finn. This whole storyline was really well done and Naya Rivera was amazing through all of it.

glee-s05e03_04 glee-s05e03_05 glee-s05e03_06 glee-s05e03_07

This wouldn’t be a Glee episode without Rachel Berry and, of course, all her scenes were also very emotional. Rachel singing “Make You Feel My Love” and crying through all of it was again really hard to watch without crying also. Hat’s off to Lea Michele for actually being able to do this episode. I also loved the scene where Mr. Shuester and Rachel hang on the wall a picture of Finn along with one of his quote: “The show must go… all over the place… or something”.

glee-s05e03_08 glee-s05e03_09 glee-s05e03_10

For me however, the moment that touched me the most was when it was revealed that Mr. Shuester was the one that stole Finn’s letterman jacket. Finally, after trying to be so strong for the kids, he breaks down and can’t stop crying. I think this was a really good way to end the episode.


While also touching, I didn’t connect as much with Puck’s storyline. I am glad however that he will move on with his life and join the army. Also writing “Quarterback” on the tree planted for Finn was kinda cute.

glee-s05e03_13 glee-s05e03_12

One scene that I definitely could have done without was Tina’s scene in Emma’s office. Seriously, crying because she’s tired of wearing black? I feel like this scene was put in there to create some diversion from all the crying, but really this lame joke was just not necessary.


Overall, I think this episode was a really really heart-wrenching episode, but it was also a really well done tribute to Cory Monteith. I do wish however that all the cast could have been back. It’s understandable that Heather Morris(Brittany) couldn’t make it because she was pregnant but not having Quinn Fabray there for the memorial was a bit weird.











What did you think of this emotional episode?

Don’t forget to buy the music from this episode on iTunes as all the profits will go to Project Limelight, a charity foundation that Cory Monteith supported.


Here’s some reactions from the Twitterverse:

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At the end of this episode, there was also a message from some of the cast about addiction. Watch it here.

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