Glee Season 5 Episode 4

A Katy or A Gaga – November 7th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

After a three weeks break, Glee was back last week with a pretty mediocre episode. Which is unfortunate because I was pretty excited for it to be back.

In this episode, the McKinley‘s students had to either identify themselves as “Katy“s or “Gaga“s and then sing a song by the other artist. While the story did bring some performances with interesting outfits, it was overall really boring to me. I just really couldn’t care less about Sam trying to flirt with the school nurse. Seriously, this has to be the most boring storyline they ever came up with and this is Glee we are talking about so that’s saying something. I just really wish they could have found a better story to tell instead of this time-sucking and boring B-plot (which actually kinda felt like the A-plot in this episode which is even more of a problem).

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The episode also focused on Jake and Marley‘s relationship. Apparently Jake waited long enough and wants to take their relationship further but Marley isn’t ready yet. So what does Jake do? He cheats on Marley of course! With Bree of all people! Ugh!

glee-s05e04-05 glee-s05e04-06

Now seriously, how many cheating storylines have we already gotten on this show? There was Quinn(x2), Finn, Rachel, Brittany(but the plumbing was different so it’s all ok, right?? aahhh Brittany how I do not miss you), Mercedes, Blaine and now Jake (let’s be honest, I’m probably forgetting someone).


Seriously Glee writers, there’s a lot of other things you could do to create trouble in a relationship!

Anyway, there’s actually one thing the McKinley side did right, and that is their performance of “Wide Awake“, which was my personal favourite of the episode.

Moving on to the NYC side, this was Adam Lambert‘s first episode!! Lambert plays Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert, a NYU student who auditions for and ends up joining Kurt’s band. Not much is known about Elliott right now other than he likes dressing up in Gaga style costumes and he really wanted to join Kurt’s band. I do think a possible rivalry is possible between Elliott and Kurt in the future considering that Kurt was scared of Elliott stealing his spotlight when he first audition for the band.


Demi Lovato was also back in this episode. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to do much other than deliver the best note in the “Roar” performance and suggest an hilarious name for Kurt’s band (seriously, the NipSlips sounds better to me than Pamela Lansbury). I’m sad that she didn’t get to do much considering that she only has a 6 episodes contract (unless this has changed *fingers crossed*). To me, this episode kinda felt like a “waste” of one of her episodes since she barely did anything (and we could have gotten more Dantana cuteness! but I guess the guitar playing is good enough for now).

glee-s05e04-08 glee-s05e04-09

All in all, I didn’t dislike this episode, but it definitely wasn’t their strongest. I guess it was just weird to jump from a very sad episode to one where everybody seem happy with no mention of Finn at all. Not that I want them to be sad all the time, but I was expecting his death to impact the storyline a bit more.

What did you guys think of this episode? Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of Glee tonight at 9 pm on Fox! (or Global for us Canadians)

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