Glee Season 5 Episode 5

The End of Twerk – November 14th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Last week’s episode of Glee was all about twerking. Yes, you’ve read that right. It all begins when Tina showed a hilarious video of Blaine twerking to the rest of the Glee club. This somehow ends up giving Mr. Shuester the idea that the kids twerking is the edge that they need to win Nationals. Oooook Mr Shue, that is not creepy at all! And of course, this starts the Will vs Sue fight of the week, because Sue thinks that twerking should be banned from the school. Which in turns gives Will the idea of singing Blurred Lines, because “twerking is about blurring the lines between past and present, between men and women, between tradition and envelope-pushing!” … yes, you unfortunately did read that correctly again. Nothing creepier than a teacher singing Blurred Lines while his students are twerking in the background. At least Artie and Sue both pointed out to Will what the true meaning of the song is (even if he completely ignored Artie and was all confuse when Sue told him the song was about date rape).

glee-s05-e05-06 glee-s05-e05-05
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Moving on from the creepy part of the episode to the actually good parts, Unique had a pretty big storyline this week. While it started out a bit weird with the raves in the bathrooms (never knew that all it took to start those was a stoner guy going in the girl bathroom), this storyline was actually my favorite of the episode. I never really liked Unique, but her story this week was really touching (well except the Port-A-Potty in the class room part. Tina liked that thing wayyy too much). I also really like how all the boys wanted to defend her. Especially Ryder considering the huge catfish storyline of last season.

glee-s05-e05-08 glee-s05-e05-07

Another good thing about this episode was that Sue’s Corner was back. Those are always hilarious and over the top.


The last big thing to happen on the McKinley side is that we learn that Jake really did cheat on Marley and that Bree is all too happy to gloat about it to the poor girl herself. Which leads to a kid friendly recreation of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video.

glee-s05-e05-10 glee-s05-e05-11

On the NYC side, Rachel wanted to take some risk again in her life and showed up to her Funny Girl rehearsal with a new haircut which the director wasn’t so happy about at first, but then decided it was the best thing ever. Too bad it was just a really obvious wig! Anyways, back at the apartment, Rachel explains to Kurt how great it felt to risk everything and she suggests that they both get tattoos. Kurt ends up getting one that say “It’s got Bette Midler” after his original idea of “it gets better” got misspelled. While Rachel says to Kurt that she ended up not getting a tattoo, we are later shown that she got one on her side that reads “Finn”.

glee-s05-e05-12 glee-s05-e05-13 glee-s05-e05-14 glee-s05-e05-15

You know what this episode was seriously lacking though? Santana Lopez. She wasn’t in this episode at all and neither Rachel or Kurt mentioned her. Therefore, I’ll just pretend that she was off to visit Quinn at Yale and no one can tell me differently. And hey, maybe Dani went too and they all ended up singing Big Sean’s Mona Lisa together (Demi’s the one that wants to sing that song really badly).


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  1. March 13, 2014 at 12:42 PM Dominique Diaz

    i felt so sad when fin died i like Rachel song and it made me cry I hope you feel better

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