Glee Season 5 Episode 6

Movin’ Out – November 21st, 2013

*spoiler alert*

The latest episode of Glee featured some of Billy Joel‘s greatest hits and focused a bit more on the graduating students of McKinley. After Will notices that there is no section for the Arts at the school’s career fair, he decides that this week Glee club assignment should be about an artist that had trouble with his appearance and struggle to make it in the music business. Said artist being Billy Joel (was I the only one that found it hilarious that Kitty thought this would be about Marilyn Manson?). All of this is to show the kids that while having a career in music will be hard, you should always try to go after something that you love.

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The story then moves along to Sam and Blaine going to NYC to chase after their dreams! The duo of course arrives in New York while singing a Billy Joel song and they don’t even knock when they get to the HummelBerryPez loft. (How rude!) And of course the trio were all too happy to see their friends.

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From there, Blaine’s part of the storyline focuses on him being scared to audition for NYADA and wondering if that’s what he really wants to do. Kurt cheers him up by telling him that he was born to be in the music business and that Blaine will nail his NYADA audition for sure.

Sam’s real reason to be in NYC didn’t go as great for him however since he totally blew his college interview (which was filled with second-hand embarrassment and they really should just drop the all black people look/know Mercedes jokes. They are not funny at all). Lucky for him though, thanks to Rachel‘s Funny Girl contacts, Sam lends an interview with Bichette(played by guest star Tyra Banks), a bitchy (get it?) modeling agency owner, because apparently being a male model has always been Sam biggest dream. Speaking of Rachel, the episode’s is filled with hints about Sam and Rachel possibly hooking up in the near future and honestly I’m not sure if I like that idea or not. I guess time will tell. For now, Santana‘s reaction was pretty much how I reacted every time Rachel and Sam had a little moment.

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One part that I found totally hilarious in the NYC part, is of course Santana being all annoyed and rolling her eyes at her friends constant need to start singing their emotions. Which just makes it funnier when she ends up singing with them at the end.

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Back at McKinley, Artie decides to help Becky figure out what she wants for her future. Considering her down syndrome, Becky was always shown to be scared about life outside of McKinley where Sue wouldn’t be there to protect her anymore. Therefore, Artie takes Becky to the University of Cincinnati for a visit of their “Transition and Access” program which is a special program for “people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who want the full college experience”. For once, I thought the Glee writers finally did a great job about raising awareness on something without shoving it down our throats. This storyline was actually really touching and it gives a nice exit for Becky’s character if she doesn’t come back once the current students graduate.

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And finally, the last small storyline of the episode was Jake trying to apologize to Marley and then being a womanizer again when that doesn’t work for him. Ryder then sees that as his opportunity to finally get a shot with Marley and they go out on a date, but really, Marley only wants time off from the boys for now.

What did you guys think of this episode? Don’t miss this week’s all new episode of Glee, Thursday November 28th at 9 PM on FOX or Global.

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