Glee Season 5 Episode 7

Puppet Master – November 28th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

I… I honestly don’t know where to start with last week’s episode of Glee. Considering that this episode was airing on Thanksgiving, I feel like the writers just wanted to make a fun and wacky episode like last year’s superhero one, but this year’s episode was just weird and creepy.

I’ll just start with the NYC side since it was the only part of the episode that mostly made sense. Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert were back for this episode since the NYC storyline mostly focused on Pamela Lansbury‘s first gig. Kurt manages to get the band a gig at Callbacks, which the rest of the band members have mix feelings about since it’s a Broadway hangout bar and no band made their debut there before. Nevertheless, they still agree to go and perform in front of an audience… of one person. Which makes no sense to me. Do none of them have friends that would have want to go see them? But it’s Glee so we’re letting that one slide.

glee_s5e7_18 glee_s5e7_17 glee_s5e7_06 glee_s5e7_20

Anyways, turns out that one guy has a nephew that works at the Williamsburg music hall and was able to get the band a gig there. And that was pretty much everything that happened in NYC. Can I just say, once again, that this was a complete waste of a Demi Lovato episode since she only spoke in one of the NYC scenes, was stuck in the background playing the keyboard during the “Get Into The Groove” performance and wasn’t even present in the last loft scene. On the other hand, at least Adam Lambert was great in all of his scenes and he had lots of stuff to do.

glee_s5e7_19 glee_s5e7_02

Now here comes the weird part, everything related to the McKinley side. Basically, the Glee club is getting ready for Nationals and Blaine is being way too controlling, which somehow leads to him having hallucination of the Glee club as Muppets (because he’s being a pupper mastah!!).

glee_s5e7_15 glee_s5e7_14 glee_s5e7_13

Which becomes even weirder because he decides to actually create puppets of everyone in the Glee Club and even the NYC kids. I’m sorry but seeing Blaine talking to himself while he does the voice of puppet Kurt and Tina was just really creepy.

glee_s5e7_12 glee_s5e7_05

Moving on, Jake continues to sleep around and acts like a jerk when the Glee club ask him for some help with choreographing their National numbers. Which led to my favourite performance of the episode: “Nasty/Rhythm Nation“.

(Can we talk about Marley’s dance move in this performance? Because that was hilarious)

And then cames one of the worst part of the episode…

glee_s5e7_07 glee_s5e7_08


I don’t think I’ve ever facepalmed so hard while watching a Glee episode. And I just knew she was going to say that the moment she said “I don’t want to be your girlfriend either”. For a second, I have to admit I was really scared that we will get another pregnancy storyline, but then she talked about possibly having an abortion (without saying the word of course) and I knew that wasn’t going to stick. So of course, we learn later in the episode that her period was just late and that everything is fine. And of course the storyline served its purpose, because Jake realizes the error of his ways and now he really wants Marley to give them another shot and he promises he’ll be faithful. Marley refuses, saying she doesn’t feel that way about him anymore.

glee_s5e7_03 glee_s5e7_04

Last but not least, Sue also had a storyline in this episode where a school board member confuses her for a man. Yeah… we’re pretty sure the writers were running out of ideas at this point. Although Sue Sylvester’s hair in the 80s was pretty fab.


Good part about this storyline is that we got to hear Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison sing together again which I really like even if I don’t care for the song. I just really miss Matthew’s voice on this show (he has been singing a bit more this season though)

glee_s5e7_10 glee_s5e7_11

And this episode concludes with a performance of “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” (that totally reused the “Roar” jungle), which is probably the weirdest thing they have ever done and some of those animal masks are really creepy to me.

So really this whole episode just left me feeling like this:


Eh, maybe the Fall finale will be better this week? Who knows!

Don’t forget to watch the Fall finale of Glee this Thursday at 9 pm on FOX/Global!

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