Glee Season 5 Episode 8

Previously Unaired Christmas – December 5th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Last week’s episode of Glee was the mid-season finale and it was all about Christmas. Now if you’ve been following the current episode timeline(seriously stop doing that it will just make the inconsistency even more obvious), you’ll know that it’s impossible for the show to do a Christmas episode since the current school year isn’t even finish yet. Which is why the episode begins with Jany Lynch explaining how the cast and crew filmed a Christmas episode last year that was rejected by FOX and has now been released after several edits. I guess Chord Overstreet woke up with extra long hair last year and Heather Morris suddenly went missing, huh? Anyways, even if that intro made no sense (it’s Glee so that’s not really a surprise), I thought this episode was actually hilarious.


On the McKinley side, the Glee club participate in the 50th Annual McKinley Classroom Decorating Contest. You know the contest that didn’t happen in the previous 4 years? Tina is all about winning this contest because the first prize is an antique glass angel that is said to have magical powers that brings good luck. However, even if they do end up winning the contest, Tina and Sam decides to give the angel to Becky because she’s been pretty sad lately.


The other McKinley storyline is about the Christmas Club doing a living Nativity scene. Which leads to Tina, Marley and Unique auditing to get the role of the Virgin Mary, while Kitty feels like she doesn’t deserve the role. So the Glee club decides to try to convince Kitty that she is worthy of the role, because somehow that might make her less evil (yeah didn’t quite get that logic either). They end up doing the most offensive, but hilarious, performance about the Virgin Mary giving birth so Kitty has no choice but to take the role. The storyline ends with the whole gang singing “Away in a Manger” in costumes for the Nativity scene.


On the NYC side, Santana is visiting Rachel and Kurt because she doesn’t feel like going back to Lima so soon after her breakup with Brittany. Rachel gets the three of them a job at a mall as Christmas elves. While working there, they meet Cody Tolentino, mister Sexy Claus, who agrees to become their new Santa since the last one showed up drunk. To get to know each other better, the trio invites Cody back to their apartment for dinner, where they sing more Christmas song and apparently get drunk on Eggnog. Unfortunately for the three of them, Cody ends up being a con-artist and robs them blind. No worries though, because Rachel ends up getting all of them another Christmas job. I do however wonder if we’ll even see this Cody guy again?

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Like I mentioned, before, I think this episode was really hilarious even if it didn’t made sense storyline wise. Maybe that’s actually why I like it so much. Sure it doesn’t leave us hanging to see what will happen when the season starts back on it’s new night Tuesday, Feburary 25th, but if we are still watching now, I guess it’s safe to say we’ll tune back in when the show comes back.

Here are my personal favourite parts of the episode:

Love Child Performance

This whole performance was hilarious. Unique giving birth, the Glee club throwing the fake baby around and Kitty’s shocked faces just makes it perfect.

Santana as Mrs. Claus

glee_s05e08_20 glee_s05e08_23glee_s05e08_22 glee_s05e08_21

“I think somebody needs to freeze the fat this Christmas, because somebody weighs more than Mrs. Claus!”

“Whoa. Stop right there. You look a little Jewish, right? Rachel? Bye!”

“Why don’t we just get you an iPad? You can’t even get porn on whatever you just asked me for.”

“You look exactly like a young Brittany S. Pierce, doesn’t she? Brittany is my ex-girlfriend, and she just dumped me, which is why I’m even here, and why I have this job, and we’re lesbians, you know —”

“Oh, nope. You know what I think that you should ask Santa? To get your daddy a job with some dental benefits, because your grill is JACKED UP, do you see?”

Everything Santana says in this scene is golden. I feel bad for those poor kids.

Shut up Blaine!!


Well it was about time someone said it!

What did you guys think of this Christmas episode?

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