Halloween 2013 – It’s all about kids costumes

Like we said on our recent facebook post, one of the perks of having kids, since they don’t have yet a big power of decision (muahahaha!), you can dress them up as whatever character you like the most! SOOOOO I decided to make you a list of my favorite kids costumes so far! Mostly geek like us :)

Baby Pretty Little Liars


This is sooooo cute!! Redcoat is a pretty simple costume to rock in for every ages. But this one woah!! I would kidnap this kid <3 -A won’t even be able to be mean to her 😛


Princess Darth Vader


Darth Vader is an awesome costume if you were a little boy but this princess version rocked my world! Very original!


Superbro’ and sis’


Those kids have the best parents, you can see more of their shots with more costumes down the source link. This one was my favorite though. Super fly!


Baby Pumpkins


OMG! When I saw this… It’s soooooo kawaiiiiiiiiiiii <3 Even her face looks like a pumpkin XDD


Baby Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown is also a simple costume and a very cute one :) It’s just missing a real cute puppy and you’ll have a combo of full cuteness!


Baby Little Mermaid


Little mermaids are one of the creatures that I value the most <3 And it’s not even just the picture, LOOK at her face! It made my day!


Baby Stay Puft


Chubby round Stay Puft from Ghostbuster is also an extremely cute costume for babies! It can’t scared us, we just want to kidnap him <3


Baby Cook and Baby Muscle


Babies that dress up as adult can always pull it off. Just look at those :)


Baby Link


Awwwnnnnn!! I think grandma did this for you <3 It’s all knitted!!


Breaking Bad in their younger years


Last but not least. With the furious rising popularity of Breaking Bad, even though it ended, how can I not post this. They are awesome lol! Can’t stop laughing at his bald head HAHAHAHAHA!!

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